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Herbert B. Berkowitz
Public Affairs Counsel

Herbert B. Berkowitz is Public Affairs Counsel for the Independent Institute. With 25 years’ experience in Washington media circles, Mr. Berkowitz has been described by Public Relations Quarterly as one of “the most eagerly sought—and brilliantly skilled—PR executives who ever lived.” He is Managing Director of PRoactive Solutions and has served as Vice President of Communications at the Heritage Foundation, Director of Public Relations for the National Right to Work Committee and Associate Editor, Armed Forces Journal.

A graduate of George Washington University’s School of Journalism, Mr. Berkowitz has won numerous awards, including the Public Relations Society of America’s highest honor, the Silver Anvil Award, and PR News’ Gold Key Award. Public Relations Quarterly has named him one of the top 100 public relations “superstars” in America. His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the United States, including the Arizona Republic, Art Voices/South, Birmingham Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Des Moines Register, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, New York Post, Orange County Register, Tampa Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner and Washington Times.

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