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W. Dieter Tede
Member of the Board of Directors

Wolfgang Dieter Tede (1933-2019) retired from two brilliant careers as a businessman and entrepreneur—first shipping internationally by sea and then growing grapes and making vintage wines as a second professional endeavor. A native of Germany, Mr. Tede graduated from the Ullrich-von-Hutten Schule in West Berlin with an ABITUR and a B.A. in economics from San Francisco State University where he also completed graduate work.

He pursued a successful career for 40 years in international shipping, including throughout Central and Latin America, and was Founding Partner of Marine Chartering Company of San Francisco. He became President of Audubon Cellars in 1991 and owner of Hopper Creek Vineyard in 1996, which were later combined as Audubon Cellars and Winery and sold in 2017.

He is the author of the engaging, illustrated book, The First Forty Years: Marine Chartering Company, Inc., and in his career, he also served as Internal Auditor for Nacional de Drogas S.A., Co-Founder and Director of Pacific Mexico Container Line, Founder and President of Concorde Line Inc., and Director of COBRECAF S.A.

Please also see "W. Dieter Tede (1933-2019)", by David J. Theroux.


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