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Managing Editor

About the Independent Institute

The Independent Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan, public-policy research and educational organization that shapes ideas into lasting impact through publications, conferences, and effective multi-media programs. Our mission is to advance boldly peaceful, prosperous, and free societies that are grounded in a commitment to human worth and dignity. Applying independent thinking to issues that matter, we create transformational ideas for today’s most pressing social and economic challenges.

Job Overview

The Managing Editor is responsible for publications production, including overseeing the work of designers, copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, and printers involved in the publishing of books, e-books, audio books, journals, newsletters, white papers, and other items distributed by the Institute.


The Managing Editor defines these projects and bears primary responsibility for the preparation, monitoring, and meeting of production and publishing schedules and all follow-up actions. The Managing Editor is also responsible for integrating all production and publishing schedules with marketing, sales, and publicity. The Managing Editor works closely with these teams, as well as with development, policy researchers, the Institute’s centers, editors of The Independent Review and The Independent (quarterly newsletter), and creators of event materials and of the Institute’s various monographs, briefings, reports, booklets, and media collections.


  • 3+ years of directly relevant professional experience
  • Prior experience as production editor a necessity
  • Prior experience as a print buyer a necessity
  • Copyediting, proofreading, or indexing experience a definite plus
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Digital and social media dexterity
  • Flawless writing skills and faultless organizational abilities
  • Mastery of Chicago Manual of Style
  • Appropriate educational credentials are a plus (e.g., B.A. and/or M.A. in policy, economics, or the humanities)

To apply

Send a letter detailing your interest in and readiness for the position; accompanied by a resume, writing samples, and a short list of references; to [email protected].

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