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News Releases

Date Title
9/27/2013 The Terrible 10: A Century of Economic Folly
12/5/2008 Think You Know Which Presidents Were Great and Why? Think Again!
5/18/2009 Two Independent Institute Books Win 2009 “IPPY” Awards from Independent Publisher Magazine
8/12/2011 U.S. Appeals Court Rules Against Obama's Health Care Law
6/29/2005 U.S. Defense Policy Expert Ivan Eland says Bush Speech Fails to Offer Solutions for Iraq in Face of Escalating Insurgency
6/6/2008 U.S. Supreme Court to Determine Meaning of Second Amendment
3/17/2008 U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Second Amendment Case Tomorrow
7/6/2017 Uncovering the Hidden Causes of China’s Economic Miracle
6/24/2004 Under Bush, Federal Spending Increases at Fastest Rate in 30 Years
3/24/2016 Updated “Government Cost Calculator” Reveals Obama’s New Budget Trickery
2/26/2001 Updated and Expanded, Acclaimed Book on The Economics of High-Tech Markets Blasts Antitrust as Protectionist and Anti-Consumer
5/27/2009 Venezuelan Authorities Detain Alvaro Vargas Llosa and Others Attending Pro-Liberty Forum
3/18/2010 Veterans Administration Has Long Record of Negligence, Inefficiency, Failure
11/10/2008 What Must Vietnam Do to Join the Asian Tigers?
11/1/2001 While FBI and USDOJ Pulled Wool Over Our Eyes, What Did We Miss?
4/4/2008 Why the Treasury’s Plan for “Overhauling” the Fed Will Be Disastrous
8/30/2016 Will the Economy in 50 Years Deliver Prosperity—or Peril? New Book Offers Message of “Cautious Optimism”
11/9/2012 With The 2012 Elections Over, What Now?

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