Issue: Entitlements and Welfare

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Common Sense as Health Policy
Government Failure in One Lesson
Homelessness Isn’t Helplessness, but ‘Housing First’ Assumes It Is
Can You Trust Your Health Insurer?
Under many health plans, costs can skyrocket when a patient is hospitalized.
The Inflation Tax
A 10 percent inflation rate imposes a tax of nearly 7 percent on the real wealth of the average family.
What the Presidential Campaign Should Really Be About
America is on a suicidal fiscal and monetary trajectory.
Lessons of the 1924 Immigration Act
America welcomes newcomers, but there are always limits.
Why Are Economists MIA on Today’s Biggest Fiscal Catastrophes?
The Age of the Lazy American
High taxes, a focus on identity, and an aging population amount to a War on Work.
K-12 Parents Need Same Choices as College Athletes
Like college scholarships, education dollars should flow to students’ parents, not government bureaucracies.

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