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Philip Booth

Philip Booth is director of research and public engagement and professor of finance, public policy, and ethics at St. Mary’s University in London and editorial and programme director at the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Actuaries and Royal Statistical Society, and he has been professor of insurance and risk management in the Cass Business School at City University, associate dean, City University Business School, and adviser on Financial Stability to the Bank of England.

His articles have appeared in many scholarly volume and journals and his books include Catholic Social Teaching and the Market Economy, Catholic Education in the West: Roots, Reality and Revival (with C. von Geusau); Christian Perspectives on the Financial Crash; The Euro: The Beginning, the Middle...and the End?; Globalization and Free Trade (with R. Wellings); Issues in Monetary Policy: The Relationship Between Money and Financial Markets (with K. Matthews); and The Road to Economic Freedom (with J. Meadowcroft).

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