Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar
June 26–30, 2017: Santa Clara, California

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Each year the Independent Institute holds Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars for college and high school age students. Check out our Youtube playlist of all available videos of past seminars, or these selected highlights:

The Rise of Liberty

José Yulo on Ethics and Liberty

Economics Fundamentals

Ivan Pongracic on Austrian Economic Theory
Lawrence McQuillan on Economic Freedom

Economic Interventionism

Ryan M. Yonk on the True Cost of Wind
Benjamin Powell on Taxation

Contemporary Issues and Government Failure

Abigail Hall-Blanco on the Surveillance State
Kyle Swan on Crime and Punishment

The Nation State and the Future of Freedom

Robert P. Murphy on The Race Between Tyranny and Liberty
Mary L.G. Theroux on Overpolicing and Rights


Challenge of Liberty Seminars are made possible by the generous support of our donors, who have joined with us to educate students and young adults regarding the moral and economic foundations of free societies.