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Florida Becomes First State to Offer Student Safety Scholarships
Wednesday March 21, 2018 | Vicki Alger

No parent should have to play “Mother, may I” with the state or federal government to enroll their child in a school they think is safe.

The Two Types of Socio-economic Problems
Monday March 19, 2018 | Robert Higgs

Socio-economic problems take two forms: one form is fake; the other is real.

Give Freedom a Chance
Friday March 16, 2018 | Robert Higgs

Freedom is an ongoing process.

Some Thoughts on Arming Teachers
Friday March 16, 2018 | Randall Holcombe

Teachers are not law enforcement officers, and as civilians under attack, they should not be expected to confront a shooter, and would almost surely be ineffective if they tried.

Free Market Think Tanks, Persuasion, and Big Data
Thursday March 15, 2018 | Lawrence J. McQuillan

Can free market think tanks do a better job of persuading people?

The Gender Gap: Discrimination or Choice?
Monday March 12, 2018 | Mary Theroux

If you were to learn that the way to achieve gender wage parity is to build a less gender-equal society, would you be in favor of it?

A Catch-22 in Organizing for the Pursuit of Liberty
Wednesday March 7, 2018 | Robert Higgs

There's a Catch-22 in regard to efforts aimed at diminishing state domination and enlarging genuine liberty.

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A Bigger, Badder and Uglier Budget
Thursday March 22, 2018 | Craig Eyermann

It was only a matter of time after the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2017 became law, but now, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are set to fully commit to a bipartisan budget for the U.S. government that, if anything, adds to what MyGovCost has previously described as President Trump’s “really ugly” budget proposal. The Associated...
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Jerry Brown’s Bullet Train BS
Tuesday March 20, 2018 | K. Lloyd Billingsley

As we noted the estimated cost to build California’s bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles has doubled to $77.3 billion and could almost triple to $98.1 billion. Governor Jerry Brown is now on record what he thinks of it. “This is bullshit,” he told reporters in Sacramento on March 19. “I’m so...
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The U.S. Government’s Spending Problem
Monday March 19, 2018 | Craig Eyermann

The U.S. government’s total public debt outstanding now exceeds $21 trillion, having crossed that milestone just one week after MyGovCost marked the occasion of $1 trillion having been added to the national debt under President Trump. What might surprise you however is that this has happened even as the U.S. government has collected more...
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White-Coat Gun Grabbers Want More Money
Thursday March 15, 2018 | K. Lloyd Billingsley

“Our country is infuriated by the lack of action taken by Congress to combat the gun violence epidemic in America,” says Sen. Martin Heinrich, New Mexico Democrat, who is calling for “repeal of the Dickey Amendment,” a 1996 measure that restricted the federal Centers for Disease Control from spending public funds to research what...
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Bullet Train Rolls On to $98.1 Billion Overall Cost Estimate
Tuesday March 13, 2018 | K. Lloyd Billingsley

As we noted in January, costs for Jerry Brown’s vaunted high-speed rail project jumped by $2.8 billion to $10.6 billion, just for the stretch from Madera to Bakersfield. “It’s horrifying when you look at the amount of money we’re going to have to reinvest to make this program work,” exclaimed bullet-train board member Ernest...
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President Trump’s First Trillion
Monday March 12, 2018 | Craig Eyermann

It’s official. In the time since he was sworn into office on January 20, 2017 through Thursday, March 8, 2018, the U.S. government has managed to rack up another trillion in national debt under President Trump. If there’s a silver lining to be found in this state of affairs, it is perhaps that President...
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57 Ways to Love a Killer
Thursday March 8, 2018 | K. Lloyd Billingsley

Proposition 57, California’s 2016 Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act championed by governor Jerry Brown, expanded parole possibilities for nonviolent offenders and barred prosecutors from directly filing juvenile cases in adult court. This measure was supposed to reduce the prison population and save taxpayers money. Instead it burns up more taxpayer dollars and gives some...
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