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The Independent Institute hosts numerous events to encourage discussion and understanding of key issues in current affairs, public policy and political economy. Most are held either at the Institute’s conference center in Oakland, California. At each event, distinguished and well-known scholars, policy experts and others speak at length about important issues and answer questions from the audience.

Recent Events
An Evening with Tucker Carlson
America’s Elites Are on a Ship of Fools

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Independent Institute Conference Center
Alameda, CA

Independent Institute hosts special and timely evening with popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Tucker reveals the truth about the new American elites, a group whose power and wealth from government privilege have grown beyond imagination even as the rest of the country has floundered.
Liberty and 21st-Century Thought Control
September 14–15, 2018
San Jose, CA

The "Liberty and 21st-Century Thought Control" conference and luncheon will explore how public opinions are being influenced in 2018 and beyond and how liberty and free markets can and should be secured.
30th Anniversary: A Gala for the Future of Liberty
Friday, September 22, 2017
The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, California

Join with us to celebrate our past successes and honor tech-entrepreneur Timothy C. Draper, Nobel Laureate economist Vernon L. Smith, and North Korean human-rights activist Yeonmi Park. P.J. O’Rourke, bestselling author and America’s leading political humorist, will be our master of ceremonies.
New Bridges: Texas
Advancing Liberty & Prosperity in a Divided America

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Dallas, Texas
The second symposium of the series

With a new administration in Washington, D.C., what have we learned and what can be done now? We invite you to join with us for a very special symposium and luncheon on the post-election prospects for liberty and prosperity in a divided America, and how we as individuals and communities can advance freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and security for all.

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