Challenge of Liberty Seminars
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2016 Schedule:
June 20–24: Santa Clara, California
July 18–22: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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The Challenge of Liberty Seminars provide college-aged students with the ethical and economic principles of free societies that are essential to understanding, appreciating, and preparing for real world issues that lie ahead.

  • Study free market economics with leading economists
  • Embark upon an immersive, intellectual journey through the foundations of liberty in western civilization and the moral, historical, legal, and economic framework of liberty
  • Join other independent-thinking students from the West and around the world in open discussions on the principles and practical implications of free societies

Our five-day series of lectures, readings, films, presentations, and debates teach what moral and economic principles of liberty are, how they affect your life, and how understanding them can help achieve a better life for you, your communities, and the world at large.

Informative, inspiring, and fun, each Challenge of Liberty Seminar is an ideal way to:

  • Stay intellectually engaged over the summer 
  • Bolster your personal network while creating meaningful and lasting relationships 
  • Build your own legacy for liberty

Do you love liberty? Join the Independent Student Network, a place for summer seminar alumni and friends to keep up to date with Independent Institute happenings, current events, cool liberty gatherings, and more!

  “The Challenge of Liberty helped me become a true believer in liberty. It was an experience that I still talk about.”
—Jenna C. Laino, Kansas
  “I’ve attended three Challenge of Liberty seminars and I’ve learned something new each time. The seminar features some of the best speakers I’ve heard.”
—Joshua J. Tam, California
  “Attending Challenge of Liberty was an invigorating intellectual experience. This unforgettable week provided great inspiration.”
—John Kroencke, Virginia

For more information, please contact:

Martha Ekdahl
Student Programs Manager
Independent Institute
100 Swan Way
Oakland, California 94621-1428
510-568-6048 (phone)
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The Challenge of Liberty Seminars are made possible by the generous support of our donors, who have joined with us to educate students and young adults regarding the moral and economic foundations of free societies.