Board of Directors

Gilbert I. Collins
Private Equity Manager

John Hagel III
Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP

Sally S. Harris
Vice Chairman of the Board, Albert Schweitzer Fellowship

Philip Hudner Esq.
Retired Lawyer

Gary G. Schlarbaum Ph.D., CFA
Managing Director, Palliser Bay Investment Management

Susan Solinsky
Partner, Reditus Revenue Solutions

W. Dieter Tede
President, Audubon Cellars and Winery

David J. Teece Ph.D.
Chairman and Principal Executive Officer, Berkeley Research Group, LLC

David J. Theroux
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Independent Institute

Mary L. G. Theroux
Former Chairman, Garvey International, Inc.

In Memoriam Board of Directors

Johan F. Blokker
President and Chief Executive Officer, Luxcom, Inc.

John S. Fay
President, Piney Woods Corporation

Ellen Mayo Hill
Businesswoman and Philanthropist

A. Neil McLeod
Founding President, Liberty Fund, Inc.

James P. Miscoll
Vice Chairman, Bank of America

Willard A. Speakman
President and Chief Executive Officer, Speakman Company