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Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis States of Fear: Science or Politics?
Featuring: Michael Crichton and a Panel of Distinguished Scientists
Best-selling author Michael Crichton examines the intersection of media, politics, and science, inspiring viewers to challenge old assumptions and to search beneath the surface of issues as they seek to discover the truth.
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis Innovative Solutions for Iraq
Featuring Lawrence Korb, Lt. Gen. William E. Odom, Ivan Eland, Peter Brookes, Gareth Porter
Should the U.S. extract troops rapidly or gradually, stay the course with current Bush administration policy, or escalate its involvement?
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?
Featuring Gore Vidal, Lewis Lapham, Barton Bernstein, Robert Higgs, Thomas Gale Moore
Held before a standing-room audience of 1,350, this powerful program features celebrated authors and scholars who examine the terrorist crisis and ask the all-important question: Why?
Stopping Violent Crime Stopping Violent Crime: New Directions for Reduction and Prevention
Featuring Arthur R. Miller, Bruce L. Benson, Erika Holzer, Wendy Kaminer, William I. Koch, and more...
In a lively and challenging exchange of ideas, this program addresses why the criminal justice system has become increasingly bureaucraticized and politicized, ever less responsive and ever more costly. Topics include victim’s rights, crime and incarceration rates, restitution, civil liberties, illicit drugs, guns, racism, policing, privatization, and sentencing.

Past Events

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Date Title  
7/2/2008 What the Second Amendment Means Today
Stephen P. Halbrook, Don B. Kates Jr.
$ !
6/9/2008 Is the Second Amendment an Individual Right?
Stephen P. Halbrook, Joyce Lee Malcolm
$ !
4/15/2008 Is the “War on Terror” Creating Terrorism?
Ivan Eland, Ian S. Lustick, D. Gareth Porter
$ !
3/7/2008 The New International Arms Race in Space
Peter L. Hays, Theresa Hitchens, Jeff Kueter, Mike Moore
$ !
2/21/2008 The Secret to Making Poor Nations Rich
George B. N. Ayittey, Benjamin Powell, Alvaro Vargas Llosa
$ !
2/12/2008 Is the U.S. Now Provoking an Arms Race in Space?
Mike Moore
$ !
12/6/2007 Why Are Politicians Always Trying to Scare Us?
Robert Higgs
$ !
11/6/2007 New Directions for Peace and Security
Carl P. Close, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, James L. Payne, Edward P. Stringham
$ !
6/21/2007 Living With a Nuclear Iran and North Korea?
Doug Bandow, Ivan Eland, Trita Parsi, Charles V. Peña
$ !
5/8/2007 Is Walmart Good or Bad for America? A Debate
Ken Jacobs, Richard K. Vedder
$ !
2/9/2007 P.J. O’Rourke “On the Wealth of Nations”
P. J. O’Rourke
$ !
12/6/2006 The 2006 Thomas S. Szasz Awards and An Evening With Robert Higgs
Robert Higgs, Robert Spillane, Thomas S. Szasz
$ !
10/17/2006 The Reality and Legacy of the Iraq War
Mark Danner, Ivan Eland
$ !
6/28/2006 Bureaucracy vs. The Environment
Carl P. Close, Michael Shaw, Randy T Simmons
$ !
5/9/2006 Is White Guilt Destroying the Promise of Civil Rights?
Shelby Steele
$ !
2/16/2006 Innovative Solutions for Iraq
Peter Brookes, Ivan Eland, Lawrence J. Korb, Lt. Gen. William E. Odom (Ret.), D. Gareth Porter
$ !
1/31/2006 Eminent Domain
Steven Greenhut, Timothy M. Sandefur
$ !
12/13/2005 The Frankenfood Myth?
Bruce N. Ames, Henry I. Miller
$ !
9/21/2005 Immigration Wars
Peter Laufer, Benjamin Powell
$ !
5/3/2005 Liberty for Latin America
Alvaro Vargas Llosa
$ !
3/1/2005 How—And How Not—To Fight Terrorism
Michael Scheuer
$ !
1/27/2005 The Death Penalty on Trial
Bill Kurtis, Franklin E. Zimring
$ !
10/28/2004 The Empire Has No Clothes
Ivan Eland
$ !
9/29/2004 Against Leviathan
Robert Higgs
$ !
6/17/2004 The Future of Iraq: Democracy or Quagmire?
George Bisharat, Ivan Eland, James H. Noyes, Christopher Scheer
$ !
5/6/2004 Drug War Crimes
Joseph D. McNamara, Jeffrey A. Miron, Ethan A. Nadelmann
$ !
4/21/2004 Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Global Marketplace
Daniel J. Edelman, Robert W. Galvin, Peter A. Thiel
$ !
3/9/2004 The Promised Land of the Free
Richard A. Epstein, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
$ !
2/4/2004 The Voluntary City
Fred E. Foldvary, Peter Gordon, Daniel B. Klein
$ !
1/30/2004 Confessions of a Media Maverick
John Stossel
$ !
11/13/2003 PATRIOT Acts: I & II
James Bovard, David Cole, Ivan Eland, Margaret Russell
$ !
10/2/2003 The Truth About Medical Marijuana
Donald I. Abrams, Edwin Dobb, Robert J. MacCoun, Ed Rosenthal
$ !
6/25/2003 Preemptive War Strategy
Joel S. Beinin, Ivan Eland, Edward A. Olsen
$ !
5/27/2003 Globalization and Cultural Diversity
Tyler Cowen
$ !
2/20/2003 Solving America’s Public School Crisis
Peter Brimelow, John D. Merrifield
$ !
10/23/2002 Secrecy, Freedom and Empire
Barton J. Bernstein, E. Daniel Ellsberg, Edwin B. Firmage, David R. Henderson, J. Victor Marshall
$ !
9/24/2002 The U.S. War on Terrorism
Alan W. Bock, Lewis H. Lapham, J. Victor Marshall, Seth Rosenfeld, Paul H. Weaver
$ !
6/6/2002 Big Brother Is Watching
James Bamford
$ !
5/7/2002 The Real Abraham Lincoln
Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Harry V. Jaffa
$ !
5/2/2002 Liberty for Women
Wendy McElroy
$ !
4/18/2002 Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis
Barton J. Bernstein, Robert Higgs, Lewis H. Lapham, Thomas Gale Moore, Gore Vidal
$ !
2/13/2002 Conning Americans
Charlotte Twight
$ !
12/4/2001 Why Freedom Matters More Than Ever
David R. Henderson
$ !
10/3/2001 Smarter Urban Growth
Daniel B. Klein, Randal O’Toole
$ !
7/5/2001 Why Are the Public Schools Failing and What Can Be Done?
John D. Merrifield, Richard K. Vedder
$ !
5/16/2001 Friedrich Hayek and the Future of Liberty
Charles W. Baird, Alan O. Ebenstein
$ !
4/24/2001 Will Strong Encryption Protect Privacy and Make Government Obsolete?
David D. Friedman
$ !
3/20/2001 Losing the Race?
John H. McWhorter
$ !
2/6/2001 Can America’s Electoral System Be Fixed?
Robert D. Cooter, Randy T Simmons, Alexander T. Tabarrok
$ !
11/15/2000 Gun Control: Separating Fact from Myth
Gary Kleck, David B. Kopel
$ !
10/26/2000 Public Health vs. The Nanny State?
Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Jacob Sullum
$ !
9/7/2000 The American Revolution and the Legacy of Liberty
Joyce O. Appleby, Hans Eicholz, Henry E. Mayer
$ !
6/21/2000 The War on Drugs
Alexander Cockburn, J. Victor Marshall, Peter Dale Scott
$ !
5/24/2000 Pearl Harbor
Robert B. Stinnett
$ !
1/19/2000 Freedom, Terror, and Falsehoods
G. Robert A. Conquest
$ !

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