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Wendy McElroy » Articles


3/27/2015 -‘The Hunting Ground’: Reaping Profit from Rape Hysteria
3/20/2015 -How America Became the World’s Policeman
3/6/2015 -Rights, Morality and the State
2/27/2015 -What Is Social Justice?
2/20/2015 -Three Myths of Rape That Need Sunlight
1/15/2015 -The Proofiness of the Politically Correct Rape
1/12/2015 -The Brain Drain, Gain and Retain
1/9/2015 -Victims Frantically Search for Offense
1/7/2015 -Eating Right
12/29/2014 -The Christmas Truce of World War I
12/29/2014 -Obama and the Fiction of ‘Rape Culture’
12/15/2014 -Is Challenging ‘Rape Culture’ Claims an Idea Too Dangerous for University Students?
11/27/2014 -Confronting the C-Word
11/12/2014 -If the ‘War on Women’ Is Over, Whither Hillary Clinton?
11/7/2014 -The Free Market Kicks It Some Ebola Ass
10/23/2014 -Figuring Out Life and Friendship
10/9/2014 -Campus Act Would Hurt Sons to ‘Save’ Daughters
10/4/2014 -The FAMILY Act Is Smart Politics, but Bad for Business
10/3/2014 -How North America Came to Hate Individuals
9/25/2014 -Entered the House, YODA Has
9/18/2014 -An Amendment Takes Congress Back in Time
9/18/2014 -Libertarianism and Racism
8/21/2014 -Democrats Are Part of the Problem in Ferguson, Too
8/20/2014 -Obamacare—A Technicality Is Sneaking Up on You
8/20/2014 -Devil’s in the Details of Campus Accountability and Safety Act
7/28/2014 -National Monuments, About Land or Territory?
7/21/2014 -An Abortion Act That’s Fast-Tracked to Nowhere
7/18/2014 -Voluntaryist Anthropology
7/9/2014 -The VA’s Unprecedented Attack On Whistleblowers
7/9/2014 -Mechanisms of ‘Correcting’ Violence
7/9/2014 -The Power of the Powerless
7/9/2014 -Why a Bill Against Medical Experimentation on Minors Is Necessary
7/1/2014 -A Federal Schizophrenia about Marijuana
6/13/2014 -Do You Really Want to Be Correct?
6/13/2014 -Is Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag a Political Pawn?
6/6/2014 -Politics, Not Economics, Driving Minimum Wage
6/2/2014 -The Soul-Killing Effect of Owning Slaves and Some Feminism
5/8/2014 -The Most Influential Man You Haven’t Heard Of
5/5/2014 -The Next IRS Tactic vs. Expats and Accidental Americans?
4/14/2014 -The Economic Abomination of Accredited Investors
4/7/2014 -A Vast Land Grab to Grouse About
3/18/2014 -Cage Complex
2/17/2014 -I-VAWA’S Global Lie
1/25/2011 -Ask Not for Whom the Drug Tolls
12/1/2010 -Big Brother Is Watching You Recycle
10/1/2010 -Police Misconduct and Public Accountability
6/1/2010 -R. C. Hoiles and Public Schooling
5/1/2010 -The Census: Vehicle for Social Engineering
6/1/2008 -China's One-Child Disaster
4/1/2008 -The Return of Debtors’ Prison?
1/5/2008 -The Origin of Religious Tolerance: Voltaire
9/24/2007 -Review of “Civilizing Women: British Crusades in Colonial Sudan”
8/18/2007 -Sophie Scholl: A Life of Courage
6/17/2007 -The Birth of Father’s Day
2/15/2007 -China Can No Longer Hide AIDS Crisis
2/8/2007 -Culture Connection: Your New Muslim Neighbors
1/31/2007 -Continuing to Defame the ‘Duke 3’ as Rapists
1/16/2007 -In Child Porn Case, Technology Entraps the Innocent
1/10/2007 -In Duke Rape Case, Accused Fight Back
1/3/2007 -Judge’s Book Fans Flames of Culture War
12/5/2006 -The Women of China: Caught Between Old Ways and a New World
11/21/2006 -Segregating Children From Men
10/24/2006 -Should Government Regulate What We Eat?
8/15/2006 -Wrongfully Convicted Man Freed
8/8/2006 -Adoption, Fathers’ Rights Tangle Threatens Child
8/1/2006 -Dancer’s Suit Puts Corrupt Lawyers on Their Toes
6/9/2006 -Theories on Domestic Violence Being Questioned
5/9/2006 -Mother’s ‘Work’ Doesn’t Warrant Paycheck
5/2/2006 -False Rape Accusations May Be More Common Than Thought
4/18/2006 -Did Justice or Politics Drive Arrests in Duke Lacrosse Case?
4/3/2006 -Court Order May Violate First Amendment
3/1/2006 -Campuses Pay High Price for PC Policies
2/17/2006 -Sexual Harassment Policies Need Reform
2/1/2006 -Questions to Ask Scientific Authority
1/18/2006 -Does New Cyberstalking Law Criminalize Free Expression?
12/29/2005 -Abuse of Temporary Restraining Orders Endangers Real Victims
12/14/2005 -Don’t Jail Domestic Violence Victims
12/7/2005 -PBS Continues Probe into Biased Film
11/30/2005 -Will Universal Preschool Give All Kids a Head Start?
11/16/2005 -Girls, Get Your Guns
11/2/2005 -Preserving Culture, or Curtailing Freedom?
10/26/2005 -Miracle Cure, or Murky Research?
7/20/2005 -Bad Research Leads to Bad Law
7/6/2005 -Domestic Violence Victims Need Self-Defense
6/8/2005 -Privacy: Throwing Babies Out with Bath Water
5/25/2005 -Case Could Freeze Sperm Donation
5/4/2005 -Super-Sized Statistics
4/6/2005 -On Campus, Free Speech at Odds With Tax Funding
3/2/2005 -U.N. Wrong Forum for Women’s Rights
1/26/2005 -Removing Legal Incentives to Lie
1/12/2005 -Domestic Violence Law Fuels Big Government
12/22/2004 -UNICEF’s ‘Rights’ Focus Is All Wrong
11/24/2004 -The Victims of ‘Victimhood’
10/6/2004 -Individual Rights vs. Identity Politics
9/22/2004 -Wage Gap Reflects Women’s Priorities
9/1/2004 -China’s Missing Women
8/4/2004 -In Defense of “Deadbeat” Dads
7/21/2004 -No Panic Over School Child Abuse
6/30/2004 -Jackpot Justice, the Wal-Mart Case
6/23/2004 -The Decline of Affirmative Action
5/5/2004 -Gun-Proof Your Children
3/17/2004 -Feminist Confession Reveals Cultural Shift
2/25/2004 -The Separation of School and State
2/18/2004 -Censorship Is Not Solution for Trashy TV
1/20/2004 -A Man’s (and Woman’s) Home Is a Castle
12/30/2003 -Criminals Owe Debt to Victims, Not Society
12/2/2003 -Media Fails Public in Jackson Case
11/11/2003 -Colleges Charge Big for Worthless Curricula
10/28/2003 -Kobe Case Puts Victims’ Rights on Trial
9/30/2003 -Families Pay Price for Government Spending
8/5/2003 -The Marriage Quagmire
7/1/2003 -In the Best Interest of the Children...
7/1/2003 -The Abolitionist Adventure
6/10/2003 -The Anti-Male New York Times
6/3/2003 -Gender Issues Impacted by Masculinists
5/1/2003 -Étienne de La Boétie
4/29/2003 -No Oil for Food
3/31/2003 -Leftist Feminists Using War as Podium
3/11/2003 -A Woman to Replace Saddam
3/10/2003 -When “Mother” is a Bureaucracy
2/25/2003 -Augusta Critics Cheapen Real Discrimination
2/18/2003 -Elder Abuse Demands Family Solutions
1/28/2003 -There Ought Not to Be a Law
12/23/2002 -U.N. Complicit in Forced Sterilizations
12/17/2002 -Compassion, Kindness Killed by Fear, Paranoia
12/10/2002 -Affirmative Action Insults Immigrant Contributions
10/28/2002 -Battered Women’s Syndrome: Science or Sham?
9/24/2002 -U.S. Should Stay Out of UNESCO
9/10/2002 -Making Some Sense of It All
8/13/2002 -Senate Must Not Ratify CEDAW
7/2/2002 -NOW Court Report Lacks Facts
6/11/2002 -Abortion: A Moral Quagmire
6/4/2002 -This Father’s Day, Send Justice
5/7/2002 -Are Parents Boycotting Public Schools?
4/1/2002 -World War I and the Suppression of Dissent
3/5/2002 -Identity Politics Dismisses Shared Humanity
11/1/2001 -Politicizing the Housewife
10/10/2001 -Defending Yourself Against Terror
3/1/2001 -Gender Madness on Columbia’s Campus
1/1/2001 -Legal Child Abuse
10/1/2000 -Does Rape Violate the Commerce Clause of the Constitution?
7/1/2000 -Sweatshops: Look for the INS Label
6/1/2000 -Constitutional Intentions
4/28/2000 -Right Tactics, Wrong Causes
2/1/2000 -A Webb of Lies
1/6/2000 -State Science, State Truth
12/13/1999 -Anarchism: Two Kinds
11/1/1999 -Is the Constitution Antiquated?
9/28/1999 -Art and State: The Case for Separation
8/1/1999 -The Bathtub, Mencken, and War
7/1/1999 -War’s Other Casualty
2/1/1999 -The Life of a Grand Old Liberal
10/1/1998 -Gertrude B. Kelly: A Forgotton Feminist
8/1/1998 -Individualist Feminism: The Lost Tradition
6/1/1998 -Sex and State
2/1/1998 -The Non-Absurdity of Natural Law
12/1/1997 -The Efficiency of Natural Rights
7/1/1995 -What Does Affirmative Action Affirm?
-Freedom Will Conquer Racism and Sexism

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