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Why Putin’s Reelection Is Guaranteed

President Vladimir Putin is running for a second consecutive term and a fourth term overall. Putin will win this vote—and all of the following elections.

He is the “president for life” as he cannot just quit like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe or South Africa’s Jacob Zuma. Hostage to his own crimes and misdemeanors, Putin is doomed to die in his Kremlin residence.

Russians are accused of rigging elections all over the world, but in Russia itself this is unnecessary. Putin consistently scores much higher in opinion polls than all his numerous rivals combined. His messages of “patriotic leadership,” “managed democracy,” and “strong Russia” resonate well with the Russian people, who endured the monstrous Soviet dictatorship and Nazi invasion with over 70 million lives lost to socialist mass murderers of both stripes.

Yuri Maltsev is professor of economics at Carthage College. He is the author of, “Mass Murder and Public Slavery: The Soviet Experience,” ​in​ the Fall 2017 issue of The Independent Review, the quarterly journal of the Independent Institute.​