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Robert P. Murphy is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Research Assistant Professor with the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University, President of Consulting by RPM, Senior Economist with the Institute for Energy Research, and Associated Scholar with the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He received his Ph.D. in economics from New York University, and he was formerly Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College, Visiting Scholar at New York University, Research Analyst at Laffer Associates, Chief Economist for the Institute for Energy Research, and Senior Fellow in Business and Economic Studies at the Pacific Research Institute.

Dr. Murphy is author of the books, Lessons for the Young Economist, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, How Privatized Banking Really Works, Study Guide for Ludwig von Mises’ Human Action, Study Guide for Murray Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, and Study Guide to The Theory of Money & Credit by Ludwig von Mises.

His articles and reviews have appeared in such scholarly journals as The Independent Review, Review of Austrian Economics, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Economic Affairs, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Journal of Libertarian Studies, and Homo Oeconomicus. And his popular article have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Detroit New, Washington Times, Orange County Register, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, MarketWatch, The Freeman, Buffalo News, San Jose Mercury News, Barron’s, Forbes, and Investor’s Business Daily. In addition, he has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business Network, C-SPAN, and other TV and radio networks and programs.

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