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A Sneak Peek at Publications Coming Soon
from the Independent Institute

COMING: May, 2018
T.R.M. Howard
T.R.M. HOWARD: Doctor, Entrepreneur, Civil Rights Pioneer
By David T. Beito, Linda Royster Beito

T.R.M. Howard: Doctor, Entrepreneur, Civil Rights Pioneer tells the remarkable story of one of the early leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. A renaissance man, T.R.M. Howard (1908-1976) was a respected surgeon, important black community leader, and successful businessman. Howard's story reveals the importance of the black middle class, their endurance and entrepreneurship in the midst of Jim Crow, and their critical role in the early Civil Rights Movement.

COMING: June, 2018
Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France
By Stephen P. Halbrook

Nazi Germany invaded France in 1940. In every occupied town, Nazi soldiers put up posters that demanded that civilians surrender their firearms within twenty-four hours or else be shot. Despite the consequences, many French citizens refused to comply with the order. In Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France: Tyranny and Resistance, Stephen P. Halbrook tells this story of Nazi repression and the brave French men and women who refused to surrender to it.