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Working Papers

Working Papers are research articles that have been submitted to the Independent Institute or written by our Fellows, but have not yet been published or peer reviewed. Independent maintains this index of working papers in order to help disseminate, discuss, and improve important ideas. Authors welcome informed comments. If you would like to submit your paper for possible inclusion please email the paper’s abstract to Independent’s Research Director, William F. Shughart II.

New Anti-Merger Theories
Edward J. López | December 2, 1999

Of Arms, Freedom, and Capitalism
What Piers Morgan Does Not Know

Charles A. Breiterman | February 5, 2015

The Ongoing Growth of Government in the Economically Advanced Countries
Robert Higgs | October 3, 2003

Political Systems, Economics of Organization, and the Information Revolution (The Supply Side of Public Choice)
Jean-Jacques Rosa | April 2, 2001

Political Yardstick Competition, Economic Integration, and Constitutional Choice in a Federation
Martin R. Bodenstein, Heinrich W. Ursprung | May 4, 2001

The Positive Correlation of Price and Concentration in Staples: Market Power or Indivisibility?
Craig M. Newmark | April 6, 2001

Private Policing in San Francisco
Edward P. Stringham | December 21, 2009

Privateering and National Defense: Naval Warfare for Private Profit
Larry J. Sechrest | September 1, 2001

Privatizing the Adjudication of Disputes
Bryan Caplan, Edward P. Stringham | October 17, 2007

Prostitution and Sex Crimes
Kirby R. Cundiff | April 8, 2004

Public Health and the Placebo: The Legacy of the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act
Russell S. Sobel | April 3, 2001

Public Versus Private Initiative in Arctic Exploration
The Effects of Incentives and Organizational Structure

Jonathan M. Karpoff | June 1, 2000

The Radical Libertarian Political Economy of 19th Century Preacher David Lipscomb
Edward P. Stringham | December 14, 2006

Rational Irrationality and the Microfoundations of Political Failure
Bryan Caplan | October 5, 1999

Retail Innovations in American Economic History
The Rise of Mass-Market Merchandisers

Art Carden | July 26, 2012

Runaway Judges? Selection Effects and the Jury
Alexander T. Tabarrok, Eric A. Helland | September 2, 1999

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the Political Economy of California Water Allocation
Leo K. Simon, Susan Stratton Sayre, Rachael E. Goodhue | September 22, 2010

Settlement and the Decline of Private Prosecution in Thirteenth-Century England
Daniel Klerman | January 2, 2000

Somalia After State Collapse: Chaos or Improvement?
Benjamin Powell, Ryan Ford, Alex Nowrasteh | November 30, 2006

Standing Tiebout on His Head
Tax Capitalization and the Monopoly Power of Local Governments

Bryan Caplan | October 4, 1999

State Development Planning: Did it Create an East Asian Miracle?
Benjamin Powell | September 28, 2004

The State: Agent or Proprietor?
Herschel I. Grossman | December 3, 1999

The Statute that Time Forgot
18 U.S.C. 3501 and the Overhauling of Miranda

Paul G. Cassell | December 1, 1999

Sweatshops and Third World Living Standards: Are the Jobs Worth the Sweat?
Benjamin Powell, David B. Skarbek | September 27, 2004

Taxing Development: The Law and Economics of Traffic Impact Fees
Edward P. Stringham, Benjamin Powell, John B. Estill | December 12, 2006

Teacher Training and Texas Education Reform
A Study in Contradiction

J. E. Stone | May 2, 2001

Wartime Socialization of Investment
A Reassessment of U.S. Capital Formation in the 1940s

Robert Higgs | June 2, 2003

What Larry Doesn’t Get
A Libertarian Response to Lessig’s Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace

David G. Post | February 1, 2000

When Is Two Better than One?
How Federalism Mitigates and Intensifies Imperfect Political Competition

Bryan Caplan | October 3, 1999

You Get What You Pay For: Result-Based Compensation for Health Care
David A. Hyman, Charles Silver | April 7, 2001