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News Releases

Date Title
2003-08-19 Statement on the Bombings in Baghdad, Jerusalem
2003-07-28 Nation’s Leading Global Warming Experts Unveil New Findings on Climate Change
2003-07-23 Statement by Center on Peace & Liberty Director on Killings of Uday and Qusay Hussein
2003-07-08 Statement on the White House’s Admission of Error on Iraq’s Attempt to Get Uranium from Africa
2003-07-03 Statement on the Possibility of Sending Troops to Liberia
2003-07-01 Independent Institute Unveils
2003-06-26 Statement of Former EPA Deputy Administrator on Resignation of EPA Administrator Whitman
2003-05-20 Independent Institute Challenges Davis on State Budget
2003-04-14 Statement of Institute’s Senior Fellow for Foreign Policy: Potential on U.S. Involvement in Syria
2003-03-03 National Security Expert Ivan Eland Joins The Independent Institute to Head Its New “Center on Peace and Liberty” at a Moment of International Crisis
2002-07-01 Feminist Author Accepts Challenge from California Chapter of N.O.W.
2002-03-25 Author Gore Vidal To Examine the Terrorism War at Independent Institute Event Moderated by Harper's Magazine Editor Lewis Lapham
2002-03-01 Surprise! Median Private School Tuition Beats Per Pupil Expenditure at Government Schools, Says Institute
2002-01-30 Independent Institute Expert Calls Bush’s $48B Defense Boost Request Excessive, Pork In Fatigues
2001-11-08 “Pork-Hawks” are Turning War on Terror into Special-interest Bonanza
2001-11-01 While FBI and USDOJ Pulled Wool Over Our Eyes, What Did We Miss?
2001-10-05 Audobon Society Isn’t Hypocritical for Allowing Oil Extractions in its Wildlife Preserve, Says Prof
2001-10-01 Federalization vs. Airport Security: “Fanatic” Answers Krugman
2001-09-15 Statement on the Terrorist Attacks
2001-09-14 Did “Pork-Hawks” Compromise America’s Readiness Against Terror?
2001-06-29 Overturn of Breakup Remedy Validates Pathbreaking Analysis of Microsoft Case by The Independent Institute's Economists
2001-03-01 Independent Scholarship Fund Invites Applications For Private School Scholarships For East Bay (K-12) Students
2001-02-26 Updated and Expanded, Acclaimed Book on The Economics of High-Tech Markets Blasts Antitrust as Protectionist and Anti-Consumer
2001-02-07 Institute Responds to Trust Us, We're Experts Authors’ Fantasy
2000-11-13 Are There 3,000 Nazis in Palm Beach County?
2000-06-28 Statement from The Independent Institute on Oracle’s Sponsorship of Smear Campaign
1998-05-18 Antitrust Action against Microsoft Would Strengthen Competitors And Harm Consumers, Leading Economists Declare
1998-04-06 Justice Department Lacks Basis for Antitrust Case Against Microsoft