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Date Title Author(s)
4/16/2004 Robert Galvin, Motorola Icon, Still Thinks Tech Edwin V. Zschau
10/1/2014 On Marksmanship, Directing Force, and Self-Mastery José Maria J. Yulo
4/1/2010 When Greeks Bear Gifts: On Economy, Philosophy and Freedom José Maria J. Yulo
11/11/2009 Faulty Dichotomies: Fort Hood and Reverse Racism José Maria J. Yulo
2/26/2008 Morality, Empire, and the Obfuscation of the New Atheism José Maria J. Yulo
3/9/2007 Tragedy and Comedy in Postmodern Education José Maria J. Yulo
5/8/2006 Plato’s Ring in the Sudan José Maria J. Yulo
2/1/2006 The Temptation of the Earthly City José Maria J. Yulo
4/22/2001 Politics and IRS Audit Rates Marilyn Young
4/15/2013 California’s Anti-chemical Campaign Ryan M. Yonk
7/25/2013 IRS Targeting Bruce Yandle
6/1/2010 Producing Jobs: Thoughts on Obama’s Plan for Small Businesses Bruce Yandle
5/1/2010 Mr. Obama and the Bankers: “Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly” Bruce Yandle
9/10/2009 The Myth of Unregulated Tobacco Bruce Yandle
4/1/1999 The Commons: Tragedy or Triumph? Bruce Yandle
12/17/2009 Guardians of the Peace? Jonathan Wyse
8/25/2009 Misallocating Oakland’s Resources at Tourism Industry’s Expense Jonathan Wyse
5/26/1996 A Chinese Word to Remember: “Laogai” Harry Wu
8/29/2006 Californians Weigh a New Tax on Oil Companies Daniel B. WoodStaff
12/2/1998 What Led to the Civil War? Walter E. Williams
2/18/1999 Browser-Beaten John R. Wilke
4/26/1992 In Academia, White Guys Finish Last Aaron B. Wildavsky
5/27/2005 State Legislators Must Join Supreme Court in Protecting Wine Consumers Douglas Glen Whitman
7/9/2004 Only Distributors Reap Harvest of Wine Shipping Ban Douglas Glen Whitman
3/11/2015 California Parks Forward Initiative Is Step Backward Aaron L. White
6/16/2009 How Fannie and Freddie Flubbed the Free Market Lawrence J. White
7/1/2000 A Competitor for the Fed? Lawrence H. White
6/11/2013 On Final Approach to Fighter Fiscal Sanity Winslow T. Wheeler
6/11/2013 Different Planes, Common Problems Winslow T. Wheeler
6/11/2013 The Deadly Empirical Data Winslow T. Wheeler
6/11/2013 Alphabet Soup: PAUCs, APUCs, URFs, Cost Variances, and Other Pricing Dodges Winslow T. Wheeler
6/11/2013 The New Era of Good F-35 Feelings Winslow T. Wheeler
4/18/2013 Pentagon’s Budget Realities Mandate New Defense Team Winslow T. Wheeler
4/12/2013 Obama’s Useless Budget Data...and Improbable Budget Strategy Winslow T. Wheeler
3/28/2013 Marine F-35 Jump-Jet PR: Caveataxpayer Emptor Winslow T. Wheeler
2/26/2013 More Than the Navy’s Numbers Could Be Sinking Winslow T. Wheeler
1/28/2013 Powering the Pacific “Pivot” With Leon and Chuck Winslow T. Wheeler
1/10/2013 Will Chuck Hagel Stand Up to the Drone Lobby? Winslow T. Wheeler
12/7/2012 Is the Fleet Steaming Forward... Or Backward? Winslow T. Wheeler
12/7/2012 If More Money Buys a Smaller Fleet, What Will Less Money Buy? Winslow T. Wheeler
10/16/2012 Adventures in Babbleland: Technological Bloat Winslow T. Wheeler
10/15/2012 Adventures in Babbleland: Desperate Rhetoric for Mundane Times Winslow T. Wheeler
7/20/2012 Hard of Hearing Winslow T. Wheeler
6/13/2012 Think-Tanked: Old Wine in Dark Bottles Winslow T. Wheeler
5/29/2012 A Peek at Pentagon Pork: A Taxpayers’ Guide Winslow T. Wheeler
5/16/2012 F-22 In A Dogfight as Panetta Crimps Its Flight Envelope Winslow T. Wheeler
5/1/2012 The Pentagon’s Million-Dollar Aviation Plan Winslow T. Wheeler
4/9/2012 Lies, Damned Lies, and the Pentagon’s Latest Budget Numbers Winslow T. Wheeler
3/2/2012 5. Revolutionary . . . or Routine? Winslow T. Wheeler
3/1/2012 4. Keeping Track of the Drones Winslow T. Wheeler

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