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Date Title Author(s)
2/11/2013 Ron Paul’s Statement on Sniper’s Death Not ‘Appalling’ Ivan Eland
2/8/2013 The End of the Latin American Left Alvaro Vargas Llosa
2/8/2013 Is Inequality Stunting the Recovery? Burton A. Abrams
2/8/2013 ‘Sin Tax’ Costs Outweigh Benefits Adam J. Hoffer
Michael D. Thomas
William F. Shughart II
2/8/2013 Why I Am More Egalitarian Than Most Liberals on Health Care John C. Goodman
2/6/2013 It’s the Culture, Stupid William Ratliff
2/1/2013 Women in Combat: Women’s Lib at Last? Mary L. G. Theroux
2/1/2013 Bad Parents, Poor Kids John C. Goodman
2/1/2013 Cuba’s Tortured Transition William Ratliff
1/28/2013 A Comprehensive Approach to Security Engagement Charles V. Peña
1/28/2013 Dead in the Water: The Federal Flood Insurance Fiasco Eli Lehrer
1/28/2013 U.S. Recognition Doesn’t Bode Well for Somalia Benjamin W. Powell
1/28/2013 Powering the Pacific “Pivot” With Leon and Chuck Winslow T. Wheeler
1/28/2013 Foreign Policy and Defense in a Second Term Ivan Eland
1/28/2013 The Bellicosity of a Democrat’s Second Term Anthony Gregory
1/28/2013 Armed School Guards Are Our Best Bet to Stop Future Newtowns Stephen P. Halbrook
1/21/2013 An Ally Out of Control Ivan Eland
1/21/2013 The Sugar-y Sweet Temptation of Anti-Competitive Lawsuits William J. Watkins Jr.
1/18/2013 Can We Spend Ourselves from Recession to Prosperity? John C. Goodman
1/14/2013 Order, Prosperity, and Hard Work Art Carden
1/11/2013 The Post-Chavez Era Has Already Begun Alvaro Vargas Llosa
1/10/2013 Will Chuck Hagel Stand Up to the Drone Lobby? Winslow T. Wheeler
1/10/2013 Split Decision on Obama’s National Security Nominees Ivan Eland
1/7/2013 Fiscal Cliff: Who Won? Who Lost? John C. Goodman
12/28/2012 Climate Science vs. Politics S. Fred Singer
12/26/2012 Environmental Protection Lessons from Ronald Reagan: ‘Trust but Verify’ S. Fred Singer
12/21/2012 Can the Federal Government Actually Encourage Job Creation? J. Geoffrey Colton
12/20/2012 Reducing Defense...Cuts Ivan Eland
12/17/2012 The Cliff Hangs on the Fed: Why Ben Bernanke Controls the Economy’s Fate Ramesh Ponnuru
David Beckworth
12/12/2012 America’s Wars: The Gifts That Keep on Giving Ivan Eland
12/10/2012 Help the Family: Privatize and Depoliticize David J. Theroux
12/10/2012 Grover Norquist May Be Mocked in D.C., but He’s a Hero to Taxpayers William F. Shughart II
12/7/2012 Is the Fleet Steaming Forward... Or Backward? Winslow T. Wheeler
12/7/2012 If More Money Buys a Smaller Fleet, What Will Less Money Buy? Winslow T. Wheeler
12/7/2012 States Thumb Their Noses at the Drug War Anthony Gregory
12/7/2012 US Intelligence: Redundancy Increases as Budget Pressure Mounts Ivan Eland
12/3/2012 Reforming Medicare John C. Goodman
11/29/2012 Why Does the Federal Government Subsidize Retirement? John C. Goodman
11/29/2012 Forget Benghazi and Focus on What Matters Ivan Eland
11/28/2012 Voter ID Laws Are Crucial to Voter Confidence Lindsay M. Boyd
Colby Pines
11/27/2012 Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims’ Real Lesson Benjamin W. Powell
11/27/2012 A Mandate—For What? Mary L. G. Theroux
11/26/2012 The Fannie Mae ‘Wind Down’ That Isn’t Vern P. McKinley
11/26/2012 How Israel’s Response in Gaza Is Like the War of 1812 Ivan Eland
11/26/2012 First Amendment Scores Major Victory in Seattle William J. Watkins Jr.
11/19/2012 Price Gouging in a Picture Art Carden
11/19/2012 France: Rebellion of the CEOs Alvaro Vargas Llosa
11/16/2012 Why the U.S. Job Market Remains Terribly Bleak John C. Goodman
11/16/2012 The Real Petraeus Scandal Ivan Eland
11/12/2012 Did the Election Save ObamaCare? John C. Goodman

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