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Fiscal Policy/Debt

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30th Anniversary: A Gala for the Future of Liberty
Event   9/22/2017
Vernon L. Smith
P. J. O’Rourke
Timothy C. Draper
Yeonmi Park
Trump’s Appointments to the Fed Could Affect the Global Economy
Commentary   5/31/2017
David Beckworth
New Bridges: Texas
Event   5/9/2017
George F. Gilder
Mary L. G. Theroux
Robert M. Whaples
Robert P. Murphy
John C. Goodman
Joshua J. Umbehr
Currency Trading Is in Chaos
Commentary   5/8/2017
George F. Gilder
Another Farce of Government-Shutdown Theater
Commentary   5/1/2017
Craig Eyermann
New Bridges: California
Event   4/7/2017
William J. Watkins Jr.
Mary L. G. Theroux
Robert P. Murphy
John Hagel III
Lawrence J. McQuillan
Patrick M. Byrne
Alexander Lloyd
The New Wall Street and the High Cost of Manipulating Money
The Independent Review   4/1/2017
George F. Gilder
Liquidating Federal Assets: The Best Cure for Ending the U.S. Debt Crisis?
Press Release   3/7/2017
Liquidating Federal Assets
Executive Summary   3/6/2017
William F. Shughart II
Carl P. Close
Mexican ‘Corruptour’ Sets Strong Example for California
Commentary   3/3/2017
K. Lloyd Billingsley
National Debt Is Our Biggest Security Threat
Commentary   1/16/2017
Ivan Eland
Setting Steven Mnuchin’s Tax Priorities in 2017
Commentary   1/16/2017
William F. Shughart II
A Model for Making Tax Cuts Work
Commentary   12/8/2016
Ivan Eland
Better Than Government
Policy Report   10/6/2016
John C. Goodman
Whose Budget Is Worse—Trump’s or Clinton’s?
Commentary   9/20/2016
Craig Eyermann
Hardly: ‘Free’ College Plan Comes with $350 Billion Price Tag
Commentary   9/19/2016
Vicki E. Alger
Swedish and Swiss Fiscal-Rule Outcomes Contain Key Lessons for the United States
The Independent Review   9/1/2016
John D. Merrifield
Barry W. Poulson
The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and Its Aftermath
The Independent Review   9/1/2016
John A. Allison IV
The Secret to Restoring the American Dream
Event   6/7/2016
George F. Gilder
Who’s Sorry Now?
Commentary   6/4/2016
K. Lloyd Billingsley
The Unicorn Economy and the Disturbing Plight of the Middle Class
Commentary   6/3/2016
George F. Gilder
Fleecing the Young
The Independent Review   6/1/2016
Loren E. Lomasky
New Bill to Replace Obamacare Draws from Independent Institute Book
Press Release   5/31/2016
Democracy’s Death Spiral
Commentary   5/10/2016
John C. Goodman
The Congressional GOP’s Health Care Tax Credits
Commentary   4/22/2016
John R. Graham
Putting the Democratic Party on the Couch
Commentary   4/13/2016
John C. Goodman
Updated “Government Cost Calculator” Reveals Obama’s New Budget Trickery
Press Release   3/24/2016
Going for Broke: Deficits, Debt, and the Entitlement Crisis
The Independent Review   3/1/2016
Antony Davies
Opportunities for Healthcare Savings in Obama’s 2017 Budget
Commentary   2/26/2016
John R. Graham
The Fed and the Stock Market
Commentary   2/24/2016
Robert P. Murphy
Bernie Sanders Is Not a Social Democrat; He’s a Marxist
Commentary   2/15/2016
John C. Goodman
We Can’t Afford ‘Free’ College
Commentary   2/9/2016
Vicki E. Alger
GOP Congress’ Budget Hits Reality Hard
Commentary   2/5/2016
John R. Graham
Are Congress and the Fed Repeating the Mistakes of the Depression?
Commentary   2/5/2016
Scott Sumner
Alternatives to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The Independent Review   1/1/2016
Thomas L. Hogan
Kristine Johnson
The Fed’s Birthday—Celebrate or Denigrate?
Commentary   12/24/2015
Robert P. Murphy
Cutting Government Down to Size
Commentary   12/2/2015
Lawrence J. McQuillan
The Midas Paradox
Book   12/1/2015
Scott Sumner
The Midas Paradox Solves the Deep Mysteries of the Great Depression—and the Great Recession
Press Release   12/1/2015
Love Gov Video Series Wins Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award
Press Release   11/12/2015
Symbolic Gesture On Coal Will Ding California Pension Funds
Commentary   11/4/2015
William F. Shughart II
The Oh-So-Familiar Debt Ceiling Dance
Commentary   11/4/2015
Robert P. Murphy
When Pensions Implode: Silicon Valley’s Lesson for New York
Commentary   10/12/2015
Lawrence J. McQuillan
Thomas Piketty’s Flawed Analyses of Public Debt and Executive Compensation
The Independent Review   10/1/2015
Donald J. Boudreaux
We Are Better Than This: How Government Should Spend Our Money
The Independent Review   10/1/2015
Adam J. Hoffer
Keynesianism vs. Paul Krugman and Why We Aren’t Growing Faster
Commentary   9/26/2015
John C. Goodman
Switch Teachers to 401(k)-style Pensions
Commentary   9/22/2015
Lawrence J. McQuillan
Earth to Paul Krugman and the New York Times: Debt Is Not Good
Commentary   8/30/2015
John C. Goodman
Medicare Devours the Federal Government
Commentary   8/8/2015
John R. Graham
Taking a Stand
Book   7/28/2015
Robert Higgs

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