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10/16/2017 -No: Gun Control Laws Won’t Stop Las Vegas-type Massacres
9/22/2016 -Registration, Confiscation, Arrest
4/1/2016 -Judge Garland and the Second Amendment
1/7/2016 -Gun Control by Presidential Decree?
10/16/2015 -Yes, Nazis Disarming Jews Did Make a Difference
5/18/2015 -Armenian Genocide Didn’t Happen by Accident
3/23/2015 -Rabbi’s Demand: Let Jews Defend Themselves from Terrorism
11/26/2014 -Gun Control Measures Hazardous for Citizens
11/16/2014 -Exclusive Interview: Stephen P. Halbrook
7/18/2014 -Lessons from Nazi Gun Control
12/5/2013 -How the Nazis Used Gun Control
11/25/2013 -The Nazis’ Gun Ban Facilitated Kristallnacht
11/11/2013 -What Made the Nazi Holocaust Possible? Gun Control
11/1/2013 -Book Review: Emily Gets Her Gun...But Obama Wants to Take Yours
1/28/2013 -Armed School Guards Are Our Best Bet to Stop Future Newtowns
2/27/2010 -Chicago versus the Second Amendment
1/29/2009 -Don’t Confirm Holder
12/15/2008 -On Bill of Rights Day, Imagine the D.C. Gun Law in 1775
6/29/2008 -Citizens’ Rights Reloaded
6/11/2008 -The Right to a Gun? You Could Look It Up
3/29/2008 -Supreme Court Confronts ‘Right to Bear Arms’ in Case
3/17/2008 -Executive Branch Divided over Gun Rights
12/15/2007 -Bearing Arms a Right, Not Rhetoric
11/21/2002 -Does the United States Need a National Database for Ballistic Fingerprints?
5/19/2002 -Debating the Second Amendment
11/19/2001 -Reports of the Death of the Second Amendment Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
11/5/2000 -Were the Founding Fathers in Favor of Gun Ownership?
11/3/2000 -Deconstructing the Second Amendment
6/10/1999 -Where Kids and Guns Do Mix
6/10/1999 -Guns, Crime, and the Swiss
5/19/1995 -To Keep and Bear Arms