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8/19/2015 -Vero Beach May Need to Consider Bankruptcy
8/12/2015 -Economic Ignorance, on the Left and Right
5/23/2015 -Federal Cannabis Standards Are Irrational
6/13/2014 -Redistribution Is Theft
11/14/2013 -Minimum Wages and Unemployment: Case Closed
10/9/2013 -Minimum Wage, Maximum Nonsense
2/6/2012 -Small Government, Big Military Incompatible
11/19/2011 -Capitalism and the Wall Street Protesters
9/21/2011 -The Obama Jobs Bill Hoax
12/3/2010 -The Fed: Still Crazy After All These Years
5/10/2010 -Crony Capitalism Is NOT Capitalism
2/17/2010 -Could the U.S. Default on its Debt?
9/28/2009 -If Your Lips Are Moving: ‘You Lie!!’
9/4/2009 -Monopoly in Vero Beach
7/13/2009 -Are There Really 47 Million Americans Who Can’t Afford Health Insurance?
5/26/2009 -Economic recovery? Not so fast
5/18/2009 -The Problem with Obama’s Antitrust Plan
4/7/2009 -Bailout Baloney
1/22/2009 -The Obama Stimulus Plan Won’t Work
12/19/2008 -Government Spending Makes Recessions Worse
9/11/2008 -Falling Oil Prices: Told You So
7/3/2008 -Near Insanity at the Federal Reserve
5/28/2008 -A Market Adjustment is Coming—Oil Prices Are About to Fall
3/23/2007 -Hurricane Aftermath: Fixing Insurance Fiascos
12/10/2006 -Recession 2007
5/13/2002 -The States vs. Microsoft: Does a Modular Windows Make Sense?
12/21/2001 -It’s Time to Quit
11/3/2001 -Microsoft’s Big Win
8/31/2001 -Antitrust or Bust
5/11/2001 -The Bush Antitrust Nominees: Skeptics or True Believers?
6/13/2000 -An Open Letter to George W. Bush on Antitrust Policy
4/1/2000 -The Microsoft Case: Divestiture Won’t Help Consumers
8/1/1999 -The Immorality of Antitrust Law
9/1/1998 -Antitrust and Microsoft
1/1/1997 -Teen Smoking: The New Prohibition
5/30/1996 -Tilting At Toy Windmills
1/1/1996 -Teen Smoking and the FDA