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Anthony Gregory » Articles


2/10/2014 -Stop the Surveillance State
11/25/2013 -Pretend It Was President McCain
10/23/2013 -Could the Republicans Sell Water in the Desert?
9/24/2013 -The Panthers Were Right and Reagan Was Wrong on Gun Control
8/14/2013 -The Habeas Corpus Myth
7/31/2013 -Guilty of Aiding the American People
7/17/2013 -The War on Terror Is a War on American Freedom
3/21/2013 -The Iraq War: 10 Years Later
3/8/2013 -Obama’s Persecution of Bradley Manning
1/28/2013 -The Bellicosity of a Democrat’s Second Term
12/7/2012 -States Thumb Their Noses at the Drug War
11/6/2012 -The Winner of the Election: George W. Bush
10/11/2012 -The Golden Age of Freedom is Still Ahead
10/8/2012 -The Justice System’s Imprisonment of Innocent Citizens
9/26/2012 -The Real Problem With Romney’s 47% Remark
9/19/2012 -The Right & the Drug War
9/10/2012 -Does the Buck Stop With the President?
8/31/2012 -The FBI Lurking Behind Every Corner
8/23/2012 -Gun Control and the Security Illusion
8/20/2012 -Do We Want a ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Society?
7/5/2012 -Holding Attorneys General in Contempt
6/5/2012 -The Tragedy of a Jobs-Based Election
5/31/2012 -Is It the Beginning of the End for the War on Pot?
5/18/2012 -The Golden State Gone Broke
5/10/2012 -Let Them All Stay—Amnesty, Now
5/1/2012 -Is Iran Really a Threat?
4/26/2012 -Only One Way to End the Indecencies of War
4/19/2012 -We’re All Branch Davidians Now
4/18/2012 -Every First Family Is in the Top 1%
4/2/2012 -Ubiquitous Hypocrisy on Health Care and the Individual Mandate
3/20/2012 -You Call This a War? I’ll Show You a War—OpEd
2/8/2012 -Colbert & Stewart Get Last Laughs on Super PAC
1/22/2012 -True Religious Freedom Means Freedom for All—OpEd
1/11/2012 -Homeland Security: Every Single Day, Every Word You Say, I’ll Be Watching You—OpEd
1/11/2012 -The Indecency of the FCC
1/5/2012 -The Dystopian Bungling and Brutality of Immigration Enforcement—OpEd
12/15/2011 -It’s Up to the Public to Vindicate Bill of Rights Day
9/9/2011 -The Priceless Price of the Post-9/11 Decade
9/8/2011 -Public Schools and Online Free Speech: A Status Update
8/18/2011 -Obamanomics on the Defensive
8/17/2011 -Sustainable Living, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Urban Farms
8/3/2011 -Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the U.S. Terror State
7/29/2011 -Why Capitalism Is Worth Defending
7/14/2011 -Some of My Favorite Public Servants
7/1/2011 -Should Patriots Love the Pledge of Allegiance?
6/30/2011 -Why the Left Fears Libertarianism
6/7/2011 -Worse Than a Third Bush Term?
6/1/2011 -The Heavy Cost of the Bush-Obama War Machine
5/24/2011 -What Price War?
4/19/2011 -What’s to Celebrate on Patriots’ Day?
4/5/2011 -Putting Prosecutors Above the Law
4/4/2011 -Why the Left Won’t Stop the Wars
4/4/2011 -Why the Left Won’t Stop the Wars
12/28/2010 -Happy Meal Ban: A Sad Day for the U.S.A.
9/2/2010 -The Flaws of Social Security
3/20/2010 -Civil Liberties in Obama's America
12/3/2009 -Enduring Legacy of Prohibition
10/10/2009 -The Real Problem With Obama's Nobel
9/14/2009 -Can Obama Force You to Buy Health Insurance?
6/15/2009 -James W. Von Brunn and the Poison of Racist Collectivism
5/1/2009 -Tax Based on Mileage is Unfair, Ineffective
2/16/2009 -Separation of Television and State
1/26/2009 -Obama’s Guantánamo Opportunity
7/11/2008 -The Bipartisan Surveillance State
7/1/2008 -That Cell Phone Ban
6/24/2008 -The Democrats Betray the Fourth Amendment
6/13/2008 -The Clash Over Habeas Corpus
11/8/2007 -The Man Who Bombed Hiroshima
12/20/2006 -Will the Democrats Save Our Civil Liberties?
10/20/2006 -The Rise of an American Dictatorship
8/30/2006 -Time to Depoliticize Airline Security
7/26/2006 -The Real Reason Behind Overcrowding in Prisons
5/10/2006 -FISA and the Patriot Act Are the Abuse
9/15/2005 -Suspected Terrorists Deserve Due Process
8/18/2005 -FBI, Please Protect Us from Terrorists and the ACLU
6/3/2005 -Kill for Christ?
11/11/2004 -Rolling Back Drug War Crime
6/15/2004 -Honor Reagan’s Promise and Abolish the Selective Service
5/17/2004 -The USDA and Cow Disease Madness
4/27/2004 -The Bankruptcy of Medicare
4/20/2004 -The “Iraqization” Scam
3/24/2004 -Bush’s Prescription Pill Police State
2/6/2004 -Keep the FCC out of the Halftime Show
4/14/2003 -An Anniversary That We Must Never Forget
4/9/2003 -Scalia’s Absolutely Wrong About Absolute Rights
3/10/2003 -UN Loyalties Expose Hypocrisy for Hawks and Doves Alike
2/28/2003 -Unbelievable Reasons for War

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