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6/11/2013 -The New Era of Good F-35 Feelings
6/11/2013 -Alphabet Soup: PAUCs, APUCs, URFs, Cost Variances, and Other Pricing Dodges
6/11/2013 -The Deadly Empirical Data
6/11/2013 -Different Planes, Common Problems
6/11/2013 -On Final Approach to Fighter Fiscal Sanity
4/18/2013 -Pentagon’s Budget Realities Mandate New Defense Team
4/12/2013 -Obama’s Useless Budget Data...and Improbable Budget Strategy
3/28/2013 -Marine F-35 Jump-Jet PR: Caveataxpayer Emptor
2/26/2013 -More Than the Navy’s Numbers Could Be Sinking
1/28/2013 -Powering the Pacific “Pivot” With Leon and Chuck
1/10/2013 -Will Chuck Hagel Stand Up to the Drone Lobby?
12/7/2012 -Is the Fleet Steaming Forward... Or Backward?
12/7/2012 -If More Money Buys a Smaller Fleet, What Will Less Money Buy?
10/16/2012 -Adventures in Babbleland: Technological Bloat
10/15/2012 -Adventures in Babbleland: Desperate Rhetoric for Mundane Times
7/20/2012 -Hard of Hearing
6/13/2012 -Think-Tanked: Old Wine in Dark Bottles
5/29/2012 -A Peek at Pentagon Pork: A Taxpayers’ Guide
5/16/2012 -F-22 In A Dogfight as Panetta Crimps Its Flight Envelope
5/1/2012 -The Pentagon’s Million-Dollar Aviation Plan
4/9/2012 -Lies, Damned Lies, and the Pentagon’s Latest Budget Numbers
3/2/2012 -5. Revolutionary . . . or Routine?
3/1/2012 -4. Keeping Track of the Drones
2/29/2012 -3. Finding the Right Targets
2/28/2012 -2. Cost and Performance
2/27/2012 -1. Revisiting the Reaper Revolution
12/13/2011 -Is Leon Panetta the Right Man to be Secretary of Defense?
6/30/2011 -Defense Appropriations: Pork and Gimmicks, As Usual
3/9/2011 -The Defense Budget
11/29/2010 -The Pentagon Budget
11/15/2010 -New Letter to the Deficit Commission on the U.S. Defense Budget
10/25/2010 -How Many More Trillion$ For Defense?
10/13/2010 -Smaller, Older, Less Prepared: Where Is the Payoff for Huge U.S. Budget Hikes?
9/18/2010 -The Surge in Defense Spending
6/10/2010 -Nightmare Budget Scenario at the Pentagon
5/27/2010 -Gates, Congress and Obama: Mutually Assured Debacle
4/9/2010 -Still More F-35 Cost Growth to Come
3/23/2010 -Can We Trust Under Secretary Carter’s F-35 Predictions?
3/17/2010 -The Pork Eruption Will Continue
3/9/2010 -This Pentagon Needs Watching
3/8/2010 -Mindless Missiles: The Pentagon’s Drone Budget is on Autopilot
2/1/2010 -The New Pentagon Budget: Paying Even More, Still Buying Less
1/13/2010 -Just What We Need: More Pentagon Spending
12/28/2009 -A Tale of Two Pigs
11/20/2009 -Joint Strike Fighter: We Were Told This Would Happen
11/12/2009 -Tactical Air’s Gloomy Future
11/9/2009 -The Pentagon’s Black Hole
10/28/2009 -What Now, Icarus? Is Western Combat Aviation Falling Out of the Sky?
9/25/2009 -Putting Pork Past the Pentagon
9/13/2009 -Will Obama Veto Pork, or Enable It?
8/23/2006 -Is There a Real “Pork Buster” in Congress?