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9/13/2017 -Here’s the Best Way to Limit the Risk of ‘Widespread’ Hurricane Damage
9/11/2017 -Republican Immigration Proposal Is All Pain and No Gain
8/7/2017 -States Should Follow Oregon’s Lead and Decriminalize Hard Drugs
6/14/2017 -More Immigration Does Not Mean Less Economic Freedom
4/17/2017 -Economics of Immigration Are at Odds with Politics
3/20/2017 -Here’s the Real ‘Immigration Problem’ Trump Should be Tackling
2/22/2017 -The Downside of a Trump Tariff
1/20/2017 -Socialism, Not Oil, Is the Cause of Venezuela’s Problems
12/5/2016 -Cuban Socialism Should Die with Castro
11/18/2016 -The Trump Policy that Will ‘Shrink the Economy and Make the US Poorer’
10/6/2016 -Free Trade Is a Win-Win
8/17/2016 -Will Airbnb’s Lawsuit Help Open the Door for Renters and Homeowners?
6/30/2016 -Ending Cuban Embargo Could Spur ‘Contagious Capitalism’
5/9/2016 -The Only Solution to TSA’s Problems: Get Rid of It
3/25/2016 -Supreme Court Decision Will Not Make Housing Cheaper
2/26/2016 -Trump’s Trade Claims Are Ignorant
1/7/2016 -Time to Abolish Selective Service
11/11/2015 -Increase Housing Supply To Increase Affordability
10/24/2015 -Europe’s Immigrant Problems Are Homegrown
9/15/2015 -Why Trump’s Wrong on Immigration
8/3/2015 -Europe Needs Free Trade, but Not the Euro
7/9/2015 -Greece Should Learn from Ireland
5/23/2015 -Higher Education Is Not Just an Investment
5/1/2015 -Will Immigrants Destroy Our Freedom?
4/14/2015 -Dear FDA, Step Aside So We Might Live
3/12/2015 -Recent Marijuana Legalizations Are a Step in the Right Direction
2/17/2015 -Wall Street Altruism Fueling Low Gas Prices?
12/24/2014 -Immigration as Political Theater
11/12/2014 -Free Markets 25 Years After the Berlin Wall
10/13/2014 -The Future of Hong Kong’s Freedom?
9/2/2014 -Market Forces Should Regulate Smoking
8/20/2014 -Market Basket’s Forgotten Customers
7/30/2014 -Children at the Border Are Not a Crisis for Americans
6/20/2014 -Water: The Price Is Wrong
6/2/2014 -Celebrate Imports
4/28/2014 -Bangladesh’s Factory Collapse: A One-Year Retrospective
4/14/2014 -Affording Tesla the Freedom to Fail
3/7/2014 -Government Policies Harm Income Mobility
12/23/2013 -Pope Francis’s Erroneous Economic Pontifications
12/13/2013 -Krugman Contra Krugman on the Minimum Wage?
10/18/2013 -A U.S. Worker Shortage Calls for ‘Red Card’ Immigration Reform
10/11/2013 -All I Am Saying Is Give Shutdown a Chance
9/12/2013 -Inclusionary Zoning Makes Housing Less Affordable
9/10/2013 -The Attack on U.S. Property Rights Continues
7/3/2013 -Immigration Reform—The Time for Free Trade
5/2/2013 -Sweatshops in Bangladesh Improve the Lives of Their Workers, and Boost Growth
4/15/2013 -Happy Tax Freedom Day?
4/5/2013 -You Are an Anarchist. The Question Is How Often?
2/21/2013 -Minimum Wage Merry Go Round
1/28/2013 -U.S. Recognition Doesn’t Bode Well for Somalia
11/27/2012 -Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims’ Real Lesson
11/6/2012 -A Government Imposed Disaster: Price Controls in the Wake of Sandy
11/5/2012 -Occupy Wall Street: A One Year Retrospective
9/21/2012 -U.S. Economic Freedom Plunges
8/23/2012 -Zoning Stifles Civil Society
5/17/2012 -The Law of Unintended Consequences: Georgia’s Immigration Law Backfires
4/10/2012 -Realtors ‘Clean House’ by Stifling the Competition
12/15/2011 -Payroll Tax Political Theater
11/20/2011 -Why Is Immigration Illegal Anyway?
7/31/2011 -Let’s (Not) Make a Deal
3/8/2009 -Avoid Japan’s Mistakes
11/25/2008 -The Pilgrims’ Real Thanksgiving Lesson
11/1/2007 -Affordability Disaster Wrapped in Blue Ribbon
3/16/2007 -St. Paddy’s Day Lesson for Arizona
2/6/2007 -Deregulate Health Insurance
12/22/2006 -Somali “Anarchy” Is More Orderly than Somali Government
12/7/2006 -Banning Wal–Mart Is Bad for San Diego
10/5/2006 -Trade Deficit Is Really A Capital Surplus
10/4/2006 -Prop. 87: Paying at the Pump and Misdirecting Innovation
6/21/2006 -Minimum Wage—Maximum Nonsense
5/30/2006 -Eminent Domain Roulette
4/26/2006 -More Anti-Wal-Mart Hysteria
4/4/2006 -How To Reform Immigration Laws
3/10/2006 -Cable TV Restrictions Are Anti-Consumer
2/27/2006 -Stop Aiding Dictators
2/13/2006 -U.S. Money Aids World’s Worst Dictators
1/11/2006 -State of the State Despair
12/22/2005 -The Pseudo Economic Problems of Immigration
10/26/2005 -Bush Names a New Federal Reserve Chairman—But Do We Really Need the Fed?
9/16/2005 -CAFTA “Free Trade” Agreement Is a Sweet Deal for Special Interests
9/13/2005 -Telecom Mergers Are Part of the Competitive Process
9/13/2005 -Legislating Price Controls Won’t Aid Katrina Recovery
8/8/2005 -Making Sense of High Housing Prices
8/2/2005 -Don’t Get into a Lather over Sweatshops
7/22/2005 -California Cannot Afford the State’s New Budget
6/29/2005 -Africa Needs Investment, Not Insanity
6/7/2005 -Third World Work in the Apparel Industry: No Sweat?
5/18/2005 -Immigration Reform that Both Sides Can Support
4/4/2005 -“Bush League” Trade Policy
3/28/2005 -It’s Time to End Farm Subsidies
2/28/2005 -Don’t Regulate Cyber Security
2/11/2005 -State of the Union Double Speak
1/31/2005 -Doubling Aid Will Not Help World’s Poor
1/18/2005 -New General Plan Proposal Will Not Make Housing More Affordable
1/15/2005 -It’s Time to Retire California’s Politicized Pension System
12/8/2004 -Government Legislation: A Bad Idea for Baseball
11/25/2004 -The Pilgrims’ Real Thanksgiving Lesson
11/22/2004 -Inclusionary Zoning Makes Housing Less Affordable
10/22/2004 -Low-Skilled Workers Lose with Higher Minimum Wage
10/8/2004 -Two Gaming Propositions Are Losing Bets
10/1/2004 -San Jose Should Abolish Its Housing Affordability Requirements
9/9/2004 -Proposed Off-Shoring Bills Would Harm the Bay Area’s Economy
8/18/2004 -How to Make Monterey County More Affordable