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Fred E. Foldvary is a Research Fellow at The Independent Institute and Associate Director of the Civil Society Institute at Santa Clara University, where he teaches economics. He obtained his Ph.D. from George Mason University. He is a senior editor for The Progress Report online journal, and has written numerous books, including Soul of Liberty, Beyond Neoclassical Economics, Public Goods and Private Communities, Dictionary of Free-Market Economics, and co-edited with Daniel Klein The Half-Life of Policy Rationales. Dr. Foldvary won the Atlas Foundation’s Antony Fisher International Memorial Award in 1995 and was also first-place winner in 1992 of the Community Associations Institute Research Foundation’s Award of Excellence.

Housing America 2009
Street Smart 2006
The Voluntary City 2002
The Voluntary City February 4, 2004
Government and Governance January 1, 1997
Working Paper
The Lighthouse as a Private-Sector Collective Good October 1, 2003

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