E. Daniel Ellsberg

In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg made headlines around the world when he released the Pentagon Papers through the New York Times and Washington Post.

A native of Detroit, Ellsberg graduated from Harvard University, served as a company commander in the U.S. Marine Corps for two years, and then returned to Harvard to complete his doctoral degree in economics. In 1959, he joined the RAND Corporation’s Economics Department as an analyst, and in 1964 he was recruited to serve in the Pentagon under Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara during the Johnson Administration. Following a two-year stint in Vietnam for the State Department, Dr. Ellsberg eventually returned to RAND. In 1973, during the Watergate scandal, John Ehrlichman and G. Gordon Liddy were indicted along with two White House officials in connection with the burglary in 1971 of the office of Dr. Ellsberg’s psychiatrist.

He is the author of Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers. His scholarly articles have appeared in such journals as the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Economic Journal, and American Economic Review.