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Randy T Simmons is Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute; Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute of Political Economy at Utah State University's Jon M. Huntsman School of Business; Co-Founder, President and Director of Research of Strata; Senior Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center; and former Mayor of Providence, Utah. He received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Oregon, and he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Utah League of Cities and Towns and a Member of the Utah Governor's Privatization Commission.

Professor Simmons’s books include Nature Unbound: Bureaucracy vs. the Environment, the award-winning Beyond Politics: The Roots of Government Failure, Aquanomics: Water Markets and the Environment and The Political Economy of Culture and Norms: Informal Solutions to the Commons Problem. A contributing author to various volumes such as Re-Thinking Green: Alternatives to Environmental Bureaucracy, he is the author of scholarly articles that have appeared in numerous journals, and his popular articles have been published in newspapers and magazines across the United States.

Nature Unbound 2016
Aquanomics: Water Markets and the Environment 2012
Beyond Politics (Revised and Updated Edition) 2011
Re-Thinking Green 2005
Beyond Politics (First Edition) 1994
Water Fight March 7, 2014
Randy T. Simmons on Public Goods and Market Failures July 31, 2012
Randy T. Simmons on Public Choice Theory July 31, 2012
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Was the American Wild West a Genuine Case of Anarcho-Capitalism? July 10, 2015
Randy Simmons | The True Costs of Green Energy April 27, 2015
Beyond Politics: How to Think about Government Failure February 10, 2013
Bureaucracy vs. The Environment: What Should Be Done? June 28, 2006

Bureaucracy vs. The Environment June 28, 2006
Can America’s Electoral System Be Fixed? February 6, 2001
Independent Review Articles
Tapping Water Markets Fall 2015
Bootleggers, Baptists, and Political Entrepreneurs: Key Players in the Rational Game and Morality Play of Regulatory Politics Winter 2011
Fixing the Endangered Species Act Spring 1999
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What’s the True Cost of Wind Power? April 13, 2015
Utah’s Declining Economic Freedom February 13, 2012
If You Really Want to Help the Poor, Remember Milton Friedman October 1, 2008
Court’s Stream-Access Decision Could Backfire On Anglers September 14, 2008
The Endangered Species Act Needs a Better Definition January 5, 2005
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Research Article
Law, Custom, and the Commons February 1, 1997
Book Review
Nature Unbound is Reviewed in the Journal of Economic Literature February 6, 2017