Martin W. Doyle

Martin W. Doyle is a professor of River Science and Policy in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. He is an environmental hydrologist and geomorphologist, with training in river engineering and earth science. Professor Doyle received his master of Environmental Engineering at the University of Mississippi and his PhD in Geomorphology at Purdue. His research is at the interface of physical science, economics, and policy of environmental management and restoration. He focuses on the use of market mechanisms for environmental restoration and the future of river infrastructure, such as water supply dams and levees, under changing climate and increasing population.

Dr. Doyle has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, a National Science Foundation Early Career Award, a Julian Simon Fellowship, and the Dimitrius M. Chorafas Prize (Switzerland). For his work in bridging environmental science and policy, in 2009, he was named the inaugural Frederick J. Clarke Scholar by the US Army Corps of Engineers. In 2008, Dr. Doyle was named an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow by Stanford University, and he received a GlaxoSmithKline Faculty Fellowship for Public Policy from the Institute for Emerging Issues.