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Research Fellow in Political Economics

Serves as the liaison with the leading scholars and experts on the political economies of Latin America. The Research Fellow’s responsibilities include soliciting, analyzing, selecting, and adapting writings and other presentations by Latin American scholars in political economy for archiving and distribution by the Independent Institute’s Center on Global Prosperity. The focus will be on the current political, economic and social situation in Latin America; specifically focusing on Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and Chile. The Research Fellow will determine the merit and suitability of accepting others scholar’s writings in this field for publication and dissemination by the Independent Institute, as well as himself writing and publishing articles and policy issues for the dissemination of fact-based research.

RESEARCH OF HISTORICAL DATA: Experience in identifying issues regarding Latin American economics for research and analysis. Analyzing historical records/documents, policies, public issues, and legislation; and studying the origin, development and operations of economic political systems and public policy. Develop and test theories. Experience in interpreting and organizing data on economic systems in Latin America and interpret relative significance on political policies. Experience conducting research of political-economical systems throughout Latin America focusing on dialogues over “free-trade” and regional blocs, the crisis over natural resources in South America, educational and economic disparities. Analyzing comparisons of economic systems between Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America as emerging economies on the world eco-political stage. Includes web mining of daily discussions and commentators relating to issues of eco-political development of Latin American countries, collecting data from posted topics and feedback from historical/political scholars. Maintain current knowledge of government policy decisions.

PUBLISHING OF RESEARCH: The Research Fellow participates in research and writing of case studies, commentary, and articles for newspapers, news sources and for scholarly publications. He additionally identifies and secures research and writings from other sources for inclusion in Independent Institute publications and archives.

PRESENTATION OF FINDINGS: The Research Fellow at the Center on Global Prosperity (COGP) performs a key role in expanding the Institute’s audience and improving its visibility by holding economic seminars that feature guest speakers and selected scholars, as well as developing and directing online learning resources, and academic collaborations regarding free-market institutions in the region.

Must possess master’s degree in Economics, Political Science or related field; and two years experience.

Send Resume and cover letter to job site: The Independent Institute, 100 Swan Way, Oakland, CA 94621, Attn: M. Theroux.