The American Rescue Plan injects new life into ObamaCare with more generous subsidies, expanded eligibility and premium limits that make insurance more affordable.

Unfortunately, the stimulus proposal just passed by Congress does nothing to correct the most serious problems of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And since the latest reforms last only two years, every ObamaCare problem will be up for resolution in short order.

The worst problem with ObamaCare insurance is that it is second rate. Look around the country. In market after market, top-quality ACA plans have exited the market. Those left provide no in-network access to the area’s premier hospitals and doctors. Dallas-Fort Worth is typical. There’s not a single ACA plan left that offers in-network coverage at the premier area hospitals.

This problem is the predictable outcome of ObamaCare’s design. The ACA doesn’t compensate providers properly for covering those with pre-existing conditions. As a result, providers protect themselves financially by providing cheaper and, thus, lower quality care. Indeed, today’s successful ACA providers offer plans that look a lot like Medicaid with a high deductible. No wonder they aren’t popular.