Season 2

Shunned by a failed relationship of his own doing, Gov embarks on a new, more ambitious mission to “help” a group of early careerists seeking to establish themselves. This time, Gov works hilariously to create and manipulate a crisis to entrap and control his houseguests and ensure their dependency. Will Gov’s intrusive scheming last and doom them to uncertain and desperate lives? Can an entire community see through Gov’s folly and set a new course for success?


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Episode 1: A Room Without a View (7:53)
Bound by a restraining order, Scott “Gov” Govinsky has an epiphany: Why focus on just one person if you can “help” far more?  He buys a house after imposing sweeping city housing controls, puts up a “For Lease” sign, and declares: “It’s time to help people!” But what exactly is his definition of “help”?

Episode 2: Young, Sick, and Broke (6:36)
Three desperate young adults, Rebekah, Katie, and Sam, agree to Gov’s lease conditions, move into his house, and try to make it home. Gov decides to lower their rent by taking in a new tenant, Douglas, a retired businessman whose new living quarters takes space away from the others. One thing’s for certain: When Gov gets involved, “The more the merrier” just doesn’t ring true.

Episode 3: A License to Kill ... Jobs (8:38)
Sam and Katie take on side-hustles to pay bills. Feeling threatened, Gov seeks to intervene and block them to protect unions and established businesses, thus jeopardizing Sam’s and Katie’s only sources of income. But who will prevail?

Episode 4.: Spyin’ and Lyin’ (9:20)
Rebekah discovers that something else about Gov isn’t quite right: In fact, she finds that he has a driving passion for spying on them and messing up their lives. She teams up with Sam and Katie to figure out a way to rid themselves of Gov’s meddling and build new lives for the future. But what can they do when Gov seems to have stacked the deck in his favor?

Episode 5: Moving Out and Up (9:18)
Rebekah, Sam, and Katie agree to move out, but they keep hitting obstacles from Gov as well as the prohibitive cost of living in the city. Will they find a way to break free of Gov’s control and overcome the hardships that they face? And what if Gov decides to pull out all stops to hold them to the lease?

Meet the characters


Scott “Gov” Govinsky likes to think of himself as a Renaissance Man, but without so much beard. He's got degrees in engineering, healthcare and economics, and can speak Arabic in a pinch — and he's here to help, whether you like it or not.


Rebekah is a graduate student in political science with an interest in business. She’s a smart, skeptical, systematic thinker.  She’s aware enough of her own cautiousness to sometimes push herself to go with the flow of her more impulsive friends against her own judgement—sometimes to her pleasant surprise, sometimes not.


Sam sees the world through slightly askew lenses. During school, he put together his own academic major: a mix of sociology, Japanese dynastic history, and board game design. His memory is uncanny. As Rebekah and Katie call him “Wikipedia.” The problem is that his geek obsessions aren’t always the stuff on which to base a life.


Katie always looks for the best in people, sometimes to a fault of missing the worst, even when it’s right on the surface. Her optimism and can-do attitude have helped her friends through many a dark hour.  Katie’s willingness to make the best out of a bad situation, combined with coming from a family of small business owners, makes her naturally entrepreneurial and a problem solver. But her naïveté can get the best of her.


He’s a successful retired businessman, but retirement is unsettling as he is seeking new adventures. He’s still fit as a fiddle. He plays pickleball, and has taken up yoga and Tai Chi. Having seen it all, he’s unusually calm in the face of the turmoil that permeates Gov’s housing.


Scott “Gov” Govinsky   JONATHAN FLANDERS
Rebekah   MAI LE
Real Estate Agent   LESLIE LANGLÉE
Pizza Guy   Jordan PEÑA
Former Owner   IRA EINSOHN
Person in Line   MATTEO PAPOLA
Salon Client #1   TERYN FOGEL
Salon Client #2   LORNA NASH
Ryder Passenger #1   JONATHAN FLANDERS
Ryder Passenger #2   DAVID J. THEROUX
Swat Guy #1   DON DARO
Mover #1   CALE O’NEAL
Mover #2   MORGAN FAYE
Director   JOHN PAPOLA
Production Executives   Michele Roi, Dwight Fisher
Editors   Josh Meyers, Josh Hilliard
Producers   Mike Roberson, Thomas Fernandes
Unit Production Manager   Thomas Fernandes
Assistant Director   Chris Shea
Script Supervisor   Tiffany Chung
Production Assistant   Jessi Bennett
Director of Photography   Andrew Barrera
1st Assistant Camera / Camera Operator   Dustin Gunsch
2nd Assistant Camera   Patrick Hoy
Camera PA   Ima Leupp
Drone Operator   Dwight Fisher
Production Designer   George Morrow
Art Director   Joshua Stricker
Gaffer   Ben Oliver
Key Grip   Drake Howard
Grip   Sean McCormick
Sound Mixer   Ben Oliver
Boom Operator   Karlo Montano
Costume Designer   Ana Davidson
Wardrobe Assistant   Lorna Nash
Hair & Makeup Stylist   Erin Klarer
Casting Director   Brad Burton (Burton Casting)
Catering   Fabulous Affairs Catering
Walkie Supplier   All Points Communications
DIT   Josh Meyers, Josh Hilliard
Composer   Layng Martine
Sound Re-record Mixer   Eric Friend

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