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    The Independent Review: Winter 2022/23 Issue Now Available

    What are the key challenges and opportunities facing higher education now and in the future? How will higher education change? How should it change? Also in this issue: Uncertainty under Socialism; Ukrainian development from the 19th century to modern times; and more!

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    Love Gov 3: The Metaverse of Madness—WATCH NOW!

    Season 3 of the Award-Winning Web Series

    With Scott “Gov” Govinsky at the helm of the post-pandemic education system, it’s a new (anything-but) normal. This is the third season of Love Gov, the comedy web series that explores how government impacts our lives.

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    New Book: In Search of Monsters to Destroy

    The Folly of American Empire and the Paths to Peace

    Imperialism and militarism build empires, not liberalism. So says Christopher Coyne, Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute and professor of economics at George Mason University, in this eye-opening, must-read book on America’s recent foreign policy failures.

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    Recommended Readings on the History of Russia and Ukraine

    The Russia/Ukraine war is between countries that have different histories and political cultures from our own. The conflict brings up just-war theory, the difficult issue of nationalities, contrasting political cultures, and a myriad of other issues. Here is the much-needed guide through all the complexity.

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    “Critical Math” Doesn’t Add Up

    Politics Plus Mathematics Equals Undermining Foundations of Success

    Most people think that mathematics is a non-ideological discipline. They think of it as an objective discipline that is socially and politically neutral and independent of the society in which it is studied. But the promoters of “critical math” in the United States do not think so—they see math as an ideological battlefield.

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    Policy Report — Beyond Homeless: Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes, Transformative Solutions.

    The Bay Area’s housing and homelessness crises will not be resolved until policymakers and service providers stop relying on conventional approaches which do not work.
    Read the ReportNews

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    CATALYST: Young Voices for Liberty

    Catalyst is our website dedicated to issues that millennials care about the most: jobs, housing costs, education, student debt, healthcare, and more. Learn, engage, and connect.

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