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Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?
Featuring: Gore Vidal, Robert Higgs, Lewis Lapham, Barton Bernstein, and Thomas Gale Moore

106 minutes

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How did the United States come to be so hated? Could the horrific events of September 11th be setting in motion a chain of events far more significant than the terrorist attacks themselves? Held before a standing-room audience of 1,350, this powerful program features celebrated authors and scholars who examine the terrorist crisis and ask the all-important question: Why?

Filmed before a live audience, renowned author Gore Vidal rejects the blind “patriotism” expected by government officials and the mainstream media, and investigates U.S. foreign policy throughout recent history, showing how it has contributed to the terrorist crisis. With his famous wit and insight, Vidal also demonstrates the ways in which the “War on Terrorism” is being used to curtail civil liberties and shred the Bill of Rights.

Barton Bernstein, Professor of History, Stanford University, examines the definition of terrorism and cites U.S. military campaigns perpetrated against foreign civilians during the twentieth century. Economist and historian Robert Higgs, Senior Fellow, The Independent Institute, debunks myths about the U.S. defense budget that perpetuate massive corporate welfare and contribute to America’s vulnerability to terrorism. Thomas Gale Moore, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, describes the effects of U.S. global military presence and explores options that would reduce the terrorist threat. The forum finishes with a lively question and answer session.

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