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Volume 27, Issue 27: July 2, 2024

Bill Watkins (The Beacon)
In a landmark case this week the Supreme Court overturned the 1984 Chevron standard, a ruling that previously gave unelected bureaucrats the leeway to interpret statutes to their own ends and purposes. Will this change of course reestablish oversight of the runaway administrative state? READ MORE »

Stephen P. Halbrook (Volokh Conspiracy)
A lot to be said about the recent SCOTUS decision United States v. Rahimi—but the bottom line? Rahimi upheld the idea that, for a person to be denied his Second Amendment rights, he has to be: found to be a credible threat to the physical safety of another person. Many firearm restrictions fall short of meeting this reasonable bar. READ MORE »

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Spectator)
No lessons learned, at all. From nursing-home victims to school shutdowns to bans even on paddleboarding and fishing, the government’s pandemic regime revealed an authoritarian mindset interested more in power, and coddling those wielding it, than in keeping people safe. We need our own Solzhenitsyn to tell the real story of what happened.... READ MORE »

Raymond J. March (Washington Times)
With election season upon us, President Biden and former President Donald Trump are both taking credit for capping insulin prices. Neither did. Walmart to the rescue! READ MORE »

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