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Volume 27, Issue 24: June 11, 2024

John C. Goodman (Forbes)
The easiest way to raise taxes? Let inflation rip. The more inflation, the more government gains—ordinary people lose as a result. READ MORE »

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Spectator)
California’s Gov. Newsom should take a cue from Argentina’s Javier Milei. He took over a nation in worse financial straits than California—then reduced state spending, cut in half the number of government ministries, and halted new infrastructure projects. It’s working. READ MORE »

Richard K. Vedder (Minding the Campus)
Why are the most disruptive pro-Palestinian protests, with the most troubling anti-Semitic overtones, concentrated at the richest campuses, led by the most privileged students? Why are we (and big donors) subsidizing these shenanigans? READ MORE »

Ivan Eland (Responsible Statecraft)
There has to be a better alternative to the hawkish internationalism of Biden and Trump’s equally aggressive Jacksonian nationalism. A newfound modesty and restraint in U.S. foreign policy might be just the ticket. Global economic multipolarity makes this possible—unless we are hooked on self-assertion. READ MORE »

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