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Volume 27, Issue 23: June 5, 2024

Craig Eyermann (The Beacon)
The very rapid growth of how much the U.S. government pays to borrow money to support its spending imposes more than a fiscal burden on Americans. It threatens their health. Just how much will shock you. READ MORE »

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Spectator)
What happens when an Ivy League medical doctor opts for a career as a government bureaucrat and remains in power for decades with no accountability? You get—Dr. Anthony Fauci; and a shocking proclivity for mendacity. READ MORE »

Scott Beyer (Catalyst)
As the country experiences spikes in murders, other violent crime, and shoplifting, Americans are successfully responding with private security and other non-police measures—which actually calls into question whether the government was ever worth relying on in the first place. Libertarianism, anybody? READ MORE »

Alvaro Vargas Llosa (Washington Times)
What should it be about? How about the fact that the federal debt amounts to $34 trillion, approximately 120% of GDP, and that, if we count Social Security and Medicare commitments, total government liabilities top $200 trillion, about twice the size of the global economy? Cut spending! READ MORE »

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