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Volume 27, Issue 20: May 14, 2024

Judy L. Shelton (AIER)
Now comes Getting Monetary Policy Back on Track, a new collection, from the Hoover Institution, of interesting monetary thoughts. But, what about plain and simple sound money? That’s really what is needed—and about all that is needed. READ MORE »

Gold and Government
By Judy L. Shelton

Christopher J. Calton (Arizona Daily Star)
If Arizona truly wants to solve its housing crisis, the state should require cities to liberalize their zoning and building regulations and provide a simple, transparent, and expeditious system of permitting—for everybody, not just, for instance, churches. Houston, TX, is a model. READ MORE »

Ivan Eland (American Conservative)
American sanctions against Venezuela keep backfiring, so why on earth do we keep using them? READ MORE »

Scott Beyer (Catalyst)
Emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances in the U.S. are huge and have trouble navigating narrower streets or passing other vehicles. However, the answer isn’t to make streets wider but to right-size the vehicles themselves—and that’s more feasible than you might assume. READ MORE »

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