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News Release
July 28, 2015

Robert Higgs Pulls No Punches in His Latest Book, Taking a Stand

Leading Scholar Debunks Myths of Big Government, Demystifies the U.S. Economy, Honors His Heroes, and Offers Wise Counsel for the Future of Liberty

OAKLAND, Calif.—No scholar in recent years has exposed the causes and consequences of the U.S. government’s misbehavior with more academic clarity and pitch-perfect flair than economist, historian, and social critic Robert Higgs (Crisis and Leviathan, Neither Liberty Nor Safety, Delusions of Power). His latest offering, Taking a Stand: Reflections on Life, Liberty, and the Economy, just published by Independent Institute, is his most provocative, most diverse, and most personal book yet.

Culled from blog posts and journal articles published during the past several years, Taking a Stand delves into topics as far afield as the hypocrisy of America’s political establishment, the hidden causes of the U.S. economy’s post–2009 malaise, the challenges facing liberty’s advocates, Dr. Higgs’s own personal and professional heroes, and even his journey from the muddy economic mainstream to the clear waters of “Austrian School” economics (written in hilarious verse, no less).

Here are a few of the vital questions that Dr. Higgs answers in Taking a Stand, all with his characteristic erudition, understated passion, and dry wit:

  • In a nation that prides itself on democratic attitudes and self-rule, why do political elites wield so much influence?
  • What is the biggest obstacle that political reformers overlook whenever they offer proposals to reverse the march of Big Government?
  • Which government policies contributed the most to the sluggishness of the post–2009 economic recovery, and where did most economists go wrong?
  • Why must advocates of liberty denounce invasive war-making and take up the cause of peace?

In his Foreword to Taking a Stand, Judge Andrew N. Napolitano (Fox News) writes, “Be prepared for Bob with his hair let down; for here are essays that show a whimsical, introspective, and personal Bob Higgs.” To which we add: Readers should also be prepared to see more wisdom in five pages of Taking a Stand than in five books by most other authors.

Robert Higgs is Senior Fellow in Political Economy at the Independent Institute; Editor-at-Large of its quarterly journal, The Independent Review; and author of Crisis and Leviathan; Depression, War, and Cold War; Delusions of Power; and other books. The Independent Institute is a non-profit, research and educational organization that promotes the power of independent thinking to boldly advance peaceful, prosperous, and free societies grounded in a commitment to human worth and dignity.

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