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News Release
June 1, 2012

Living Economics
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
By Peter J. Boettke

June 1, 2012, Washington, DC—Economics suffers from a bad reputation as a “dismal science” plagued with lifeless graphs and dry statistics. Yet, the application (or misapplication) of its principles shapes the fate of nations. Economics provides a powerful framework for understanding what goes on in the marketplace, the voting booth, the family, the community, and every other sphere of social activity.

In Living Economics: Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowPeter J. Boettke contributes to this tradition by discussing the ideas of some of the most important economists of the past century—famous and not so famous “worldly philosophers” whose innovative theories shed light on pressing issues such as inflation and unemployment, capitalism and socialism, competition and entrepreneurship, law and politics, and customs and civil society. He also explains how the conduct of economists enhances or diminishes the influence of economic thinking on the world of practical affairs.

Boettke’s thorough diagnosis of the maladies of today’s economics profession is especially valuable. He concludes by urging his colleagues to return to their discipline’s original mission: to make sense of human action and communicate the findings to a public sorely in need of cogent counsel. Scholarly and yet highly accessible, Living Economics enables readers to see far across the human landscape by standing on the shoulders of giants in the economics profession. Its sparkling insights make it worthwhile reading for economics teachers, students, and anyone interested in exploring the frontiers of the economic way of thinking and their potential impact on the world.

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