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News Release
April 25, 2012

New Book Aquanomics Shows How to Resolve Impending Water Crises

Apr. 24, 2012, Oakland, CA—Mark Twain once quipped, “Whiskey is for drinkin’, water is for fightin’ over.” Water, oft considered to be a boundless natural resource, is fast becoming a scarce commodity with a growing price tag. No single issue carries as much weight and possesses such gravity than the debate over water resources at home and abroad. Water, as we well know, is the source of life. Thus, its supply or lack thereof, dictates the quality in which we and living creatures live.

InAquanomics: Water Markets and the Environment (April 2012), Independent Institute Research Fellow Delworth Gardner and Senior Fellow Randy Simmons have assembled a path-breaking and comprehensive volume using the most current data on the need for domestic and international water markets and secure and transferable private water rights, thereby exploring the policy decisions behind the growing dilemma of supplying adequate resources to human populations. Gardner and Simmons are among the nation’s leading experts on environmental economics, financial, and regulatory policy. Renowned scholars Leo Simon, Martin Doyle, Joseph Koonce, Benjamin Hobbs, Peter J. Hill, James L. Huffman, Leonard Shabman, Richard Wahl, and Rachel Goodhue are among the twenty-two contributors to lend their expertise to this timely examination of an increasingly pressing issue.

We cannot walk away from the threats to water quantity and quality that the authors of the chapters in this book lay out clearly—as well as analyzing many of the institutional arrangements that academics and policy makers are contemplating. While it is not fun to read about these severe problems, we must face up to them and this book does so clearly and with substantial depth.
Elinor Ostrom, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

To arrange an interview with Aquanomics editors Delworth Gardner and Randy Simmons, please contactLindsay Boyd at 202.725.7722 or [email protected].

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