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Date Title
11/3/2008 William J. Watkins, Jr. in Washington Times on voter registration drives
11/2/2008 William F. Shughart II in Clarion-Ledger on Obama's economic challenges
11/1/2008 “U.S. Agricultural Programs: Who Pays?,” by E. C. Pasour, Jr. (The Freeman)
10/31/2008 William F. Shughart, II in U.S. News & World Report online: daylight savings time does not conserve energy
10/30/2008 William Watkins on on voter registration drives
10/29/2008 Pierre Lemieux at Financial Post online on the financial crisis
10/28/2008 Stephen Halbrook, upcoming debate covered in Seattle Post-Intelligencer
10/28/2008 Halbrook, gun rights debate mentioned on Huffington Post
10/27/2008 Wall Street Journal quotes Robert Higgs on economic recovery
10/26/2008 Neither Liberty Nor Safety reviewed in Pittsburgh Tribune Review
10/25/2008 Stan Liebowitz and Housing America cited in National Post
10/25/2008 William F. Shughart, II in Journal Star on federal debt
10/22/2008 Alex Tabarrok praised on National Review blog
10/21/2008 Experts cite Robert Higgs on government expansion in Washington Times
10/20/2008 Research Fellow Stan Liebowitz writes National Review cover story
10/19/2008 William F. Shughart II in Vicksburg Post on Mississippi tax reform
10/19/2008 George Selgin in Pittsburgh Tribune Review on the financial bailout
10/19/2008 Robert Higgs quoted in Orange County Register on entitlements
10/19/2008 Lincoln Journal Star quotes Higgs on politicians' exploitation of fear
10/18/2008 Ivan Eland quoted on the George W. Bush's ranking in Boston Globe
10/14/2008 George Selgin on Washington's bailout in Fresno Bee
10/8/2008 Mike Moore on "truce in space" in Omaha World-Herald
10/8/2008 Alvaro Vargas Llosa cited on credit crisis in NYT Economix blog
10/8/2008 Syndicated columnist John Stossel cites Robert Higgs on credit markets
10/6/2008 Forthcoming Independent Institute book excerpted in Boston Herald
10/6/2008 Anthony Gregory reviews Justin Raimondo's new book in American Conservative
10/4/2008 A Gala for Liberty photo spread in San Francisco Chronicle
10/2/2008 New book Housing America quoted in Telegraph Journal
9/30/2008 Edgar K. Browning on Obama's economic agenda in Alexandria Town Talk
9/28/2008 Alex Tabarrok quoted in USA Today on the bailout deal
9/26/2008 Robert Higgs quoted at Foundation for Economic Education
9/25/2008 Robert Higgs on credit crisis at US News & World Report online

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