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Date Title
6/20/2009 Robert Higgs in Culpeper Star-Exponent on deceptive unemployment statistics
6/17/2009 Human Events quotes Ivan Eland on Jimmy Carter
6/15/2009 Art Carden argues for private management of Nashville schools in Tennessean
6/14/2009 William Shughart in Clarion Ledger: living wage ordinance will only hurt workers
6/12/2009 Alvaro Vargas Llosa at there is no "Obama effect"
6/11/2009 Nordlinger cites Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Che Guevara Myth at National Review Online
6/9/2009 Alvaro Vargas Llosa quoted in Denver Post on Walter Kendall Myers
6/4/2009 William Shughart argues against federal excise taxes at Business Week Debate Room
6/4/2009 Arthur Foulkes cites Independent Institute Earth Day article by Andrew Morriss
6/3/2009 Founders' Second Amendment named Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist
6/3/2009 Twilight War wins Benjamin Franklin Award in politics and current events
6/2/2009 William Shughart in San Francisco Examiner: cigarette tax immoral, ineffective
5/30/2009 Wall Street Journal quotes Stephen Halbrook on Sotomayor
5/29/2009 Robert Higgs, Crisis and Leviathan cited in Yuma Sun
5/29/2009 Depression, War, and Cold War reviewed in New American
5/28/2009 Miami Herald: Vargas Llosa detained on way to pro-liberty forum
5/26/2009 Buenos Aires Herald: Alvaro Vargas Llosa detained, warned in Venezuela
5/26/2009 Dominick Armentano is skeptical of economic recovery in Press Journal
5/22/2009 Wal-Mart makes us healthier, says Art Carden at
5/18/2009 Dominick Armentano critiques Obama's antitrust plans in Christian Science Monitor
5/17/2009 William Shughart quoted in Clarion Ledger: market must adjust itself
5/13/2009 Reuters quotes David Theroux on the FDA and Cheerios
5/13/2009 Robert Higgs interviewed on Reason TV on Decline of American Liberalism
5/11/2009 Robert Higgs cited on the recession and government intervention in New American
5/7/2009 Art Carden at Marxist philosophy is never the right solution
5/6/2009 Anthony Gregory in Great Falls Tribune: Miles-based tax a bad idea
5/2/2009 Alvaro Vargas Llosa quoted at Miami Herald blog Cuban Colada
5/1/2009 Article “Technology Is at the Center: Entrepreneur and philanthropist Peter Thiel on liberty and scientific progress,” by Ronald Bailey cites The Diversity Myth (Reason)
4/30/2009 Amity Shlaes cites Robert Higgs at
4/30/2009 Mary Theroux in Vision Hispana on California politics
4/30/2009 Anthony Gregory on mileage-based gas tax in Connecticut Post
4/29/2009 William Shughart in National Post on the nationalization of GM

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