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Date Title
3/9/2008 Mike Moore quoted in the New York Times on the arms race in space (subscription required for access)
3/7/2008 William Shughart in the Morning Call on the cost of Daylight Saving Time
3/6/2008 Mike Moore on U.S. opposition to arms treaty in space; Washington Times
3/4/2008 Robert Higgs in the Christian Science Monitor, on Pentagon budget games
2/28/2008 Ivan Eland in the Washington Times on Kosovo’s secession
2/27/2008 Free speech expert Donald Downs in the Washington Times on antiterror bill
2/25/2008 Alvaro Vargas Llosa on Fidel Castro, in the Christian Science Monitor
2/23/2008 Alex Tabarrok in the Oakland Tribune on the fallacy of gun buy-backs
2/21/2008 Gabriel Roth in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, on busways vs. rail transit
2/20/2008 Ivan Eland in the Detroit News on Kosovo's secession
2/18/2008 Gabriel Roth in the Washington Times, on rail transit at Dulles Airport
2/14/2008 Edward Stringham quoted in Contra Costa Times on affordable housing mandates
2/12/2008 Mike Moore on the arms race in space, in the San Francisco Chronicle
2/1/2008 John Semmens cited in Orange County Register's blog, on fuel costs and public transit
2/1/2008 “Looking for a New Publishing Venue? Think about Think Tanks” Acquisitions Director Roy M. Carlisle interviewed in Independent Publisher
1/28/2008 Mike Moore on military power aimed at space, at The Space Review.
1/23/2008 Charles Pena on U.S. bombing near Baghdad, in The Bulletin
1/22/2008 John Semmens in the Dallas Morning News, on $100/barrel oil’s effect on use of public transit
1/16/2008 Alexander Tabarrok eschews talk of recessions, at
1/16/2008 David Isenberg in Asia Times on the Bush administration’s proposed Saudi Arabia arms package
1/16/2008 Alvaro Vargas Llosa in The New Republic on the Obama for President campaign
1/11/2008 John Semmens in the Washington Times, on $100/barrel oil’s effect on use of public transit
1/7/2008 Foreign Policy’s editors recommend Robert Higgs’ article on government operatives
1/6/2008 Gabriel Roth on traffic congestion, in the Hartford Courant.
1/5/2008 David Isenberg reviews The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran by Melman & Javedanfar, in Asia Times Online.
12/29/2007 Alvaro Vargas Llosa on the policy dilemma of Argentina’s Fernandez, in Deseret Morning News
12/26/2007 Benjamin Powell quoted in Energy Tribune on mineral rights
12/25/2007 Jody Lipford & Jerry Slice on government’s role, in the Orange County Register
12/25/2007 Gabriel Roth advocates private driver licensing for illegal aliens, in the San Diego Union-Tribune
12/25/2007 Gabriel Roth advocates private driver licensing for illegal aliens, in the St. Paul Pioneer Press
12/17/2007 Ivan Eland quoted in Winona Daily News on U.S. presidents and war
12/17/2007 Liberty for Latin America recommended by Barron's as gift idea

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