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Date Title
2/13/2010 Race and Liberty in America reviewed in World Magazine
2/11/2010 William Watkins on the Tea Party Convention in the San Francisco Examiner
2/10/2010 “The End of the IPCC” Research Fellow Fred Singer, author of Hot Talk, Cold Science Op-Ed in American Thinker
2/9/2010 Robert H. Nelson, author of The New Holy Wars interviewed on the Wiley Drake radio show
2/5/2010 William Shughart opines on new pipe tobacco tax in the Herald Times Reporter
2/5/2010 The Orange County Register references Making Poor Nations Rich
2/4/2010 William Shughart proposes textbook royalty plan in the Vicksburg Post
2/4/2010 “The End is Not Near” Research Fellow Fred Singer, author of Hot Talk, Cold Science Op-Ed in the Hindustan Times
1/31/2010 Race and Liberty in America reviewed in Salisbury Post
1/28/2010 Art Carden at Apple's capitalism beats Obama's rhetoric
1/27/2010 William Shughart in the Washington Times: Don't reappoint Bernanke
1/27/2010 “Junkscience: Climategate Distortion of Temperature Data” Research Fellow Fred Singer, author of Hot Talk, Cold Science Op-Ed in Canada Free Press
1/25/2010 William Shughart in the San Francisco Examiner: No silver lining for Haiti
1/22/2010 Human Events mentions Robert Higgs's theory of "regime uncertainty"
1/22/2010 The New Holy Wars is reviewed in Liberty Blog at the Pacific Legal Foundation
1/20/2010 Robert Higgs in Investor's on the disappearance of private-sector jobs
1/19/2010 Orange County Register cites Ivan Eland on Taliban attack in Kabul
1/16/2010 National Review Online quotes Alvaro Vargas Llosa on Chilean elections
1/15/2010 Robert Higgs analyzes unemployment statistics in the Washington Times
1/14/2010 Winner in 2009 Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest mentioned by local paper
1/13/2010 USA Today cites Robert Higgs on war bonds and inflation
1/13/2010 Ivan Eland at Politics clouds Obama's judgment
1/12/2010 Roger Koppl and Dan Krane discuss FBI DNA testing at the Sacramento Bee
1/10/2010 Jonathan Bean is interviewed about Race and Liberty in America on “The Bill Meyer Show” KMED-AM (Medford, OR)
1/9/2010 Alex Tabarrok tackles the organ shortage in the Wall Street Journal
1/4/2010 Art Carden reflects on the "Naughties" at
1/4/2010 Jonathan Bean is interviewed on Race and Liberty in America at WZZA-AM (Muscle Shoals, AL)
1/3/2010 The Observer quotes Ivan Eland on national security troubles
12/31/2009 Charles Peña on the "lap bomber" incident in the Baltimore Sun
12/30/2009 Christian Science Monitor cites Ivan Eland on release of British hostage
12/24/2009 Race and Liberty in America reviewed in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
12/23/2009 Race and Liberty in America reviewed in Human Rights Law Review

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