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Date Title
2/18/2009 John Stossel quotes Robert Higgs at
2/18/2009 Robert Higgs quoted at on economy, regime uncertainty
2/17/2009 Anthony Gregory in Santa Monica Daily Press on federal control of TV industry
2/16/2009 William Ratliff writes on Brazil's Lula da Silva in Weekly Standard
2/15/2009 Paul Jacob cites Robert Higgs, Crisis and Leviathan on
2/13/2009 Mike Moore writes about space satellite collision at Foreign Policy online
2/12/2009 Guardian cites Robert Higgs, Crisis and Leviathan
2/12/2009 “NAACP 100th Anniversary: Exploiting Color Instead of Erasing It,” by Jonathan Bean in U.S. News & World Report
2/11/2009 Mark Skousen cites Robert Higgs' work on Human Events Online
2/11/2009 Robert Higgs cited at on stimulus bill
2/10/2009 Robert Higgs on the economic stimulus plan in Taiwan News
2/10/2009 Robert Higgs in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: leave economy alone
2/9/2009 Robert Higgs in Christian Science Monitor on why the stimulus is unconstitutional
2/9/2009 Robert Higgs cited at Reason Magazine blog on constitutionality of stimulus
2/9/2009 Walter Williams quotes Robert Higgs on stimulus bill in Investor's Business Daily
2/6/2009 Robert Higgs quoted in New American on economics of the New Deal
2/2/2009 “Booker and Barack: What Can Obama Learn From Booker T. Washington?” by Jonathan Bean and David Beito History News Channel
2/1/2009 Race and Liberty in America reviewed in Choice
2/1/2009 “Recreating the Creation,” by Robert H. Nelson in Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly
1/31/2009 Robert Higgs quoted in Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel on economic "crisis"
1/29/2009 Halbrook, Founders' Second Amendment in American Spectator
1/28/2009 Dominick T. Armentano in Providence Journal on what to do about the recession
1/28/2009 Stephen Halbrook at Human Events online on Eric Holder confirmation hearing
1/28/2009 Founders' Second Amendment cited in Orange County Register editorial
1/25/2009 William Shughart on misplaced federal incentives in Washington Times
1/23/2009 Ivan Eland in Connecticut Post on presidential eloquence, policies
1/20/2009 Alex Tabarrok quoted on Human Events Online
1/20/2009 Ivan Eland, Recarving Rushmore in Christian Science Monitor
1/20/2009 Robert Higgs quoted in La Opinion on employment and federal bailouts
1/20/2009 Recarving Rushmore reviewed at Booklist Online
1/19/2009 Bill Steigerwald quotes Robert Higgs in Red Bluff Daily News
1/18/2009 Ivan Eland in Modesto Bee on what makes a good president

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