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Date Title
11/3/2010 They do things differently in America: grassroots curbs government. By Alvaro Vargas Llosa in the Deseret News
11/2/2010 Cal Thomas in The Washington Examiner uses to underscore the need for fiscal and personal responsibility.
11/1/2010 Federal Government Spending: A Live Online Discussion with Professor Emily Skarbek at The Freeman’s Idea Room
11/1/2010 Alert!: Bill Maher interviews former President Jimmy Carter on HBO, ranking his presidency using Ivan Eland's book, Recarving Rushmore.
11/1/2010 The New Holy Wars reviewed in Calvin Theological Journal
11/1/2010 Article “The Intellectual Force behind Web 2.0,” by Kyle Huwa cites The Diversity Myth (The Stanford Review)
10/26/2010 America’s Depression within a Depression, 1937–39. By Robert Higgs in The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty
10/25/2010 How many more trillion$ for defense? Winslow Wheeler in
10/21/2010 Nancy Pelosi As Joe Frazier, John Boehner As George Foreman Robert Higg's "Regime Uncertainty" principle cited in by Bernie McSherry
10/14/2010 Nobel a just reward for a life's toil: Latin America can learn from my father by Alvaro Vargas Llosa in The Australian
10/14/2010 “Interview with Senior Fellow Bruce Benson on his book, Property Rights” (Kosmos Podcast)
10/13/2010 A Nobel Laureate in the Family by Alvaro Vargas Llosa in Real Clear Politics
10/13/2010 New Survey Confirms that Regime Uncertainty Is Spooking Investors by Robert Higgs at Breitbart's
10/11/2010 Will Militarization Of First Amendment Undermine The Republic? By Ivan Eland in Eurasia Review
10/9/2010 Rethinking toll roads idea. By Gabriel Roth in the Fort Myers News Press
10/7/2010 Congratulations to Mario Vargas Llosa for Winning the Nobel Prize in Literature
10/4/2010 Alert: Robert Higgs' upcoming Speech Tuesday October 5 at the University of Alabama on "The Rise of the Welfare State". Video from The History Channel
10/1/2010 Why Stimulus Doesn't Stimulate: Robert Higgs in the Sacramento Bee.
9/29/2010 Viva Santos For Coup De Grace Against FARC: Alvaro Vargas Llosa in Investor's Business Daily
9/27/2010 Democracy is overrated. By Ivan Eland in the Manistee News Advocate
9/26/2010 25th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference held in San Francisco: David Theroux among speakers on September 25th.
9/23/2010 Ivan Eland on Start Treaty: Broadcast from Russia Today.
9/22/2010 Deporting the Roma: an act of populist barbarism: Alvaro Vargas Llosa in The Globe and Mail
9/22/2010 If only Obama were as good as Carter: Ivan Eland cited in Washington Examiner article by Gene Healy
9/21/2010 The Surge in Defense spending: by Winslow Wheeler in the Eurasia Review
9/20/2010 Alert: Emily Skarbek interviewed by Kate Delaney on America Tonight about the new Government Cost Calculator at
9/17/2010 Alert: Emily Skarbek interviewed by the Wayne Root CBS Radio show(KXNT) on the Government Cost Calculator
9/17/2010 Alert: Emily Skarbek interviewed on The Jason Lewis Show about the new Government Cost Calculator at
9/16/2010 Alert: Emily Skarbek interviewed about on Politics Daily
9/15/2010 Alert: Emily Skarbek interviewed by Taking Back America on's Government Cost Calculator
9/15/2010 Venezuelan opposition must stand up: Alvaro Vargas Llosa in the Dallas Morning News
9/15/2010 The New Holy Wars reviewed in The Cato Journal

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