In 2010, President Obama’s State of the Union Address went up against the announcement of the iPad and, in my opinion, lost. Last year, the President urged us to “Win the Future” as if the future is a zero-sum game. I’ll be live-blogging this year’s State of the Union Address and, to make things really interesting, I’ll be filling out this Bingo card. If you hit BINGO, let me know. If you’re one of the first two, I’ll send you a prize.*

Hard-Working American Families Proposal that runs counter to law of comparative advantage “Public-Private Partnership(s)”
Fair Share Subsidy proposal that is superficially justifiable but that falls apart once you think about the incentives Hard-Working American Families “working across the aisle” Vulgar Keynesianism
Our/America’s Children (“our,” Mr. President?) Proposal/claim that focuses on benefits to exclusion of costs or vice versa Standing ovation. (“Free space”?! There’s No Free Lunch!) Statement suggesting government intervention and compassion are synonymous Rick Roll!
Reference to Death of Osama bin Laden Subsidy proposal that is poorly-veiled transfer from poor to rich Hard-Working American Farmers “the 99%” “Effective immediately, Guantanamo has been closed.”
Discussion of NDAA w/ “UNLIMITED POWER!” screamed like Palpatine when he killed Mace Windu in Revenge of the Sith Arab Spring “Wall Street”/”Main Street” juxtaposition More money will fix education Evidence of subtle and nuanced understanding of F.A. Hayek

*-Disclaimer: This is not an official Forbes contest, and LLC is not liable for or responsible for the contest, the judging, or the prizes. I am. Also, I’m sure there are a lot of other people who have put together SOTU Bingo cards for various websites. Collect them all!

Here’s a downloadable and easier-to-print version:

State of the Union Address Bingo