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Robert Higgs Debates James Galbraith on Obamanomics
Posted: Thu. September 15, 2011

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Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert Higgs debates James Galbraith (Professor of Economics, University of Texas; son of infamous, “liberal”, Keynesian economist John Kenneth Galbraith) on Antiwar Radio regarding the folly of government bailouts for insolvent banks, creation of the Glass-Steagall Act as a means to prevent FDIC insured banks from taking excessive risks, benefits and detriments of public and private regulation and oversight, problems of regulatory capture and revolving door politics, divergent opinions on the causes of the Great Depression and efficacy of the New Deal and the arguments for and against government spending on public infrastructure.

Recorded: Tue. April 20, 2010
Experts: Robert Higgs
Type: Radio
Issues: Economic History and Development (U.S.), Fiscal Policy/Debt, History (U.S)

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