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Public Pension Crisis—An Interview with Lawrence McQuillan
Posted: Tue. June 16, 2015

Senior Fellow Lawrence McQuillan, author of California Dreaming, appears on KCAA radio and talks about the $4.7 trillion unfunded pension debt crisis in the US. Some states are worse off than others but California has the largest pension debt at $750 billion. That money should be in the bank to pay pension benefits, but it is not. Over decades, politicians have promised pension benefits and counted on big returns on investments, but returns on those investments have not materialized. Large cities also face the same problem. How do we fix the situation? McQuillan offers a plan to fulfill promises to retirees and keep pensions solvent.

Recorded: Mon. June 15, 2015
Experts: Lawrence J. McQuillan
Type: Radio
Issues: Bureaucracy and Government, Economic History and Development (U.S.), Taxes

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