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Losing the Race? Black Progress, Freedom, and Independence
Posted: Fri. February 6, 2015

The Civil Rights revolution was a pinnacle of American history, freeing African Americans from centuries of disenfranchisement. Yet, according to linguist John McWhorter, it has had a tragic side effect. As racism recedes as a serious obstacle to black advancement, many black Americans have been misled into a self-destructive ideological detour. Has affirmative action fostered the cults of Victimology, Separatism, and Anti-Intellectualism? Have false assumptions and low expectations conditioned black students for low achievement? If racism is to be dealt a final death blow, what strategies must Americans – black and white – pursue?

Recorded: Fri. March 30, 2001
Experts: John H. McWhorter
Type: Independent Institute Event
Issues: Race Issues

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